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My Daily Workout Routine - Teri Cochrane

My Daily Workout Routine

Movement! I sing its praises every day. A key pillar of my longevity play, daily exercise allows for the release of feel-good endorphins, builds bone strength, helps circulate blood and lymph throughout the body - and so much more!

Here’s how I move my body every day to ensure I’m giving it the freedom, space and care to be the best it can be:

Running: I strive to get a 2 mile run in 5 days per week. I call this daily routine my “meditation in action” - as I run, I have the space and time to work through any problems or questions I might have and, more often than not, after this communion with nature & my body, I arrive home with the solution or answer I need. This exercise also maintains my cardiovascular health and energizes my system before a full day in my clinic - movement is stress relief! 

AllCore360: I’ve talked before about the incredible benefits of the AllCore360 program - a form of zero-gravity technology that promotes core strength, balance and stability. I try to take 5 AllCore rides a week to keep my core in good shape, my bones stronger, and my spinal cord in alignment, and the results have been life-changing. 

Weights: When I get home from work, I usually try to set aside 30 minutes or so to do some weight-based exercises. In my home gym, I do leg presses, leg extensions, arm presses and a hand weight routine. Research indicates that lifting weights daily can stimulate muscle and bone growth and increase your range of motion. As a post-menopausal woman, the maintenance of bone strength is huge, making this step of my daily routine a must. 

Isometric exercises: It may seem counter-intuitive, but I love to do isometric exercises before bed. These movements include planks, side planks, scissor kicks and sit ups. The build-up and release of muscle tension releases endorphins, which can actually contribute to a better night’s sleep!

Stretching: 3 days a week I make time to stretch and, if I can, to sneak in a yoga class. Stretching before and after exercise is vital to avoid injury and maintain muscle tone, but I like to engage in a more focused session to really support my mind-body connection. Even slow movement is ultra-valuable!

Thanks to Pedram Shojai, I have also begun incorporating Qigong into my routine & it’s incredible! I am always seeking out new ways of exploring movement that resonate with my mind, body and spirit. 

To The Tru Of You,

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