No one diet works for everyone. No one food and no one supplement is healthy for everyone. My life’s work distilled into two sentences.

My trademarked approach, The Cochrane Method™, is the result of almost 20 years of hands-on practice of integrated health care. This method looks at your genetic predispositions, your symptoms, how your body processes foods and toxins, your major life events, and your individual lifestyle. With that information, I design a customized health, supplement, and nutrition plan just for you.

No matter your health struggle – whether it is diabetes, Lyme disease, infertility, weight gain, chronic pain, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or other chronic autoimmune conditions, the Cochrane Method™ combined with eating according to your Wild Type get at the root cause of your condition. We consistently achieve sustainable, positive results.

The Wildatarian® Movement grew out of years of employing The Cochrane Method. I created this approach to help people understand how their diet, lifestyle choices, thoughts, and emotions could trigger dormant diseases and manifest in a host of symptoms and conditions. More importantly, the Wildatarian® Movement can teach you how proper food, nutrition and supplements can keep latent diseases at bay, reduce unpleasant symptoms and bring balance to your body and mind.

My staff and I are here to guide you, whether you are just embarking on a journey to learn what your body is telling you, seeking to optimize your health, or even just looking for more energy and vibrancy in your everyday life. We will help you find the True Of You.

Thanks for walking us through that very important understanding of how mold in our food and in our environment creates bacterial biofilms, that creates amyloids, that creates a viral load, that creates inflammation that starts the cycle again. No one has ever elucidated that on the show and it’s important, so thank you.

Dave Asprey

Founder and CEO of Bulletproof

Teri Cochrane artfully combines the science of bio-individuality and psychological concepts of body ownership and awareness – being your own “body detective” to successfully usher in a new method to diet and lifestyle. Her thoughtful, science-based approach is now easily consumable and actionable in this new book, The Wildatarian Diet. Grown out of her nearly two-decade private practice, the book focuses on what Teri calls The Big Three: protein, fat and sulfur malabsorption – as the keys to figuring out the best foods to eat. She teaches her readers to become body interpreters – to look at their symptoms through a different lens, and to learn when otherwise healthy foods may become anything but healthy. If you want easy-to-follow guidance on optimizing your vitality, mental clarity and waistline, read this book and start living as a Wildatarian®.

JJ Virgin, CNS

Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert


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The Wildatarian® Diet –
Living As Nature Intended

“Wildatarianism – An Easy Path to Health” from The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended outlines the first diet that applies to everyone while being customized just for your Wild Type!

Wildatarian HealAndSeal™

The Wildatarian HealAndSeal™ Program gets to the root of the root cause of all of your symptoms and brings your body back to vitality and health. It is based on your particular Wild Type.

Highly Esteemed Colleagues are Talking…

Teri is an amazing Health Hero who converted her family struggles into a gift for people in disease state who felt like they had nowhere to turn. Teri’s work is powerful and important and her new book, The Wildatarian Diet, is a great tool to educate on the vast differences in animal proteins and their effects on the body. Getting a little “Wild” is an important part of being your own Health Hero.

Dr. Partha Nandi

M.D., Patient Advocate, Health Hero Practitioner and Leader

Teri has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. She is able to understand both simple and complex health challenges and respond accordingly with speed, precision and effectiveness. Through working with her, you will experience not only her knowledge but also her heart and her passion for helping others and leave the session both with understanding and deep gratitude.

Joan I. Rosenberg, PhD

Creator of Emotional Mastery™ and Emotional MasteryTraining™

Teri is revolutionizing the field of nutrition! I highly recommend Teri’s Wildatarian® plan and approach if you’re struggling with a mystery illness and are ready to take back your health.

Izabella Wentz, PharmD

Founder of

Teri may have just found the edible fountain of youth and the answer to keeping your brain healthy at any age! Anyone who is interested in preventing chronic disease needs to get a copy of The Wildatarian Diet and learn about this unique approach to health. As a physician with a background in nutritional biochemistry, I am very impressed by the sound nutrition principles encompassed in this diet and how accessible Teri makes it to adopt a Wildatarian lifestyle. These nutrient-dense foods are exactly what women experiencing endometriosis, thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction and other conditions that experience growth like fibroids need to heal and restore health.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Women’s health expert and best selling author

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If my life journey has taught me one thing, it is that the student may one day become the teacher. I have dedicated the last eighteen years of my life to seeking health solutions—first within my own family and later with clients in my private practice.

I did not set out to become a nutritional counselor or an integrative practitioner. I followed a typical path: I went to college and became a banker then portfolio risk manager. But life had something else in store for me.