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How We Are Evolving In 2021 - Teri Cochrane

How We Are Evolving In 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Dear Wildatarian Family,

At Beyond Nutrition, we are all about iteration. Why? Because we recognize that iteration is  evolution and education – when things change, we learn and adapt! This is part of what makes us human beings – as our incredible & complex bodies remind us we are – so resilient! As the new year stretches ahead of us, full of hope, promise and, yes, challenges, we’d like to take the time to share some thoughts on iteration as it regards our own methodology and the unique context we find ourselves in.

A note on muscle testing:

If you are familiar with our practice, you’ll know that central to our method is the use of applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, a centuries-old technique for locating physiological imbalances and fine-tuning food and supplement focused solutions. 

Not unlike an EKG, applied kinesiology measures closed-circuit electrical signals as the body responds to different stimuli, like foods, molds, hormones, pathogens, etc.  At its core, this method is predicated upon receiving information from the Biofield – the quantum field that surrounds every living thing, including our bodies.

This holistic method allows us to approach any health condition with hyper-granularity and real-time feedback from your body, ensuring that every health solution is personalized, down to the cellular level. 

As we continue to monitor the ever-changing landscape of the current health crisis, our practice is committed to maintaining the highest possible level of care and service for our clients. In the event of increased travel or business restrictions in the months to come, our virtual consultations will continue to offer Nutritional Genomic Analysis and muscle testing by proxy.

Nutritional Genomic Analysis allows us to take a deep look into the genetic tendencies and predispositions that make up your unique blueprint, while muscle testing by proxy provides us with rich, immediate information about your current state of health. 

Proxy Muscle Testing — How does this work?

Using Biofield principles, a Nutritional Associate will work in tandem with the practitioner to assimilate your field with their own. This will allow the practitioner to receive information about your body’s condition and needs with the NA acting as a real-time proxy. We have found this method to be highly effective, and just as robust as our in-person practice.

One of my personal goals in 2021 is to educate and inspire those in my sphere to truly explore and understand the resonance and power of energy as an aspect of medicine, of healing, and of daily life. This year, I have been featured as a key speaker and thought leader in two of the preeminent summits on energy medicine, the Infinite You Summit, and the Body Electric Summit – My aim, as always, is to educate and empower those around me to the best of my ability, embracing iteration and growth along the way. 

If you would like to learn more about Biofield, applied kinesiology, or energy medicine in general, I encourage you to explore the following resources:

Biofield Science and Healing

The International Chronic Pain Institute

The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

To The Tru Of You,

Teri Cochrane

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