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4 Zero-Waste Easter Basket Ideas - Teri Cochrane

4 Zero-Waste Easter Basket Ideas

Every year, parents around the world gift Easter baskets to their children, filling them with chocolates, candy eggs, toys and more. While this tradition inspires delight, it can also create a lot of waste. 

Standard Easter baskets are filled with non-biodegradable and single-use plastics, fillers, wrappers, and candies loaded with metabolic disruptors, and PlastikCity estimates that 3,000 tons of waste is created on easter egg packaging alone… 

In preparation for Easter, take a better approach to Easter with my 4 tricks for a zero-waste Easter surprise!

  1. Buy a basket made of natural materials, or thrift one! I liked to reuse the same Easter baskets for my children over the years, opting for medium wicker baskets that stood the test of time. When these baskets aren’t being used for Easter morning, they can be repurposed for decorative displays in the home, or as a way to transport party gifts or picnic food. 
  2. Use natural materials or recycled paper as the “grass” bedding in your Easter basket. For an Easter basket with a true natural twist, you can collect moss or dry flower petals from your yard to bed down the basket. If you prefer an option with less preparation (or dirt!), you can opt for recycled paper grass vs. plastic. Many grocery stores now carry recycled paper Easter grass, or you can make your own by painting used grocery bags green and shredding them into thin strips.
  3. Celebrate the spirit of Easter & rebirth by swapping plastic toys that will inevitably end up in a landfill for packets of vegetable and flower seeds. Little ones will love learning how to plant their first garden, and older children can make spring planting an ongoing tradition. I did this with my children and it taught them invaluable gardening skills and responsibility for caring for their plants. (Plus, seeds are usually packaged in recyclable paper!)
  4. Lastly, Replace plastic eggs with paper options. I like the hand-molded paper eggs from Wrappily - eco-friendly, reusable and beautiful in their own right. Stuff these beauties with homemade truffles or natural chocolates from Hu for a green alternative to the classic plastic egg hunt. 

Have a wonderful Easter!

To The Tru Of You,

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