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The Best Flowers For A Pollen Allergy - Teri Cochrane

The Best Flowers For A Pollen Allergy

Which flowers are safe for folks with a pollen allergy? 

Store bought flowers can be rife with toxic pesticides and, of course, allergens like pollen. 

If you suffer from a pollen allergy, the last thing you want to do is invite even more of the irritant indoors. However, not all flowers have the same pollen content, meaning that some may be safer to enjoy than others. 

If you have a pollen allergy stick to the following flowers to reduce your total exposure: 


These flowers have one of the lowest pollen counts available and are even considered by some florists to be hypoallergenic! Hydrangeas bloom throughout the summer, making them the perfect flower to cultivate if you have a pollen sensitivity.  


These colorful beauties are extremely low-pollen distributors due to their petal arrangement, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. 


Timeless and elegant, peonies are nother flower considered to be hypoallergenic 


Today, most roses are bred for indoor flower arrangements and are therefore very low in pollen. Roses also symbolize God’s work in the world, making them a high-vibration flower to keep around. 

Always remember to avoid pollen-heavy varieties such as goldenrod, wildflowers, daisies and anything in the aster family!

For special occasions, I like UrbanStems for sustainably sourced flower arrangements. When I’m buying flowers for my own home, I always try to stick to farmer’s market flowers or cut flowers from my garden when I can!

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