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Spring Cleaning For The Mind, Body & Spirit - Teri Cochrane

Spring Cleaning For The Mind, Body & Spirit

Spring is back again with all of its cadences & small miracles. But are you really connecting to them? 

As the world turns a corner and undergoes change, we can find ourselves feeling fraught or trapped in old holding patterns. Shift from the old and embrace the new with my holistic tips for a little energetic spring cleaning for the mind, body and spirit!  

Engage In Grounding

The standard definition of grounding is: “the process of sending a signal to ground, to protect you and your home from the dangers of damaged circuits or electrical overloads.” A few times a week, try walking barefoot in a grassy or sandy area - somewhere you can connect with the earth. This practice helps “ground” the body to the Earth, allowing us to shed any excess & unneeded energy that could be making us feel anxious or disconnected.  

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

When our spaces are cluttered, so are we! The chaos of clutter penetrates the psyche and pours over into our professional and emotional lives. Whether that clutter exists in your inbox, your closet, or your social circle - do a little sacred subtracting & make room for new, positive energy to take root. 

Choose One Bad Habit To Say Goodbye To

This could mean letting go of that nagging voice that tells you you’re not good enough, changing up an eating habit, or deciding not to stay up until 2 am every night binging TV. Making the conscious decision to enact one concrete and significant change can have massive downstream effects, because it shows us that we can accomplish anything we put our good intentions to. 

Experiment With Different Kinds Of Lights

I can’t say enough good things about the benefits of candlelight. Swapping lamps, phones and TV screens at night for a natural source like candlelight or a grate fire can help reduce stress, unburden the eyes, and even soothe our brain & adrenal glands. I turn on my fireplace almost every night, no matter the temperature, to reap the benefits of nature’s best glow.        

Happy cleaning!         

To The Tru Of You,

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