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The Cochrane Method® A New Way To Heal - Teri Cochrane

The Cochrane Method® A New Way To Heal

Supported by thousands of clinical outcomes over a 15-year period, The Cochrane Method® presents an effective, proven method to rebalance, heal, and fortify the individual.

Developed by functional practitioner Teri Cochrane, this method represents the culmination of her clinical findings at the intersection of epigenetics, biochemistry, and personalized health. 

The Cochrane Method® is a holistic and personalized approach to functional health developed by Teri Cochrane. It integrates epigenetics, biochemistry, and personalized health to rebalance and fortify individuals, addressing genetic expression, toxins, emotional and physical burdens, and the body's hierarchy of needs. The method incorporates the Four Portals of Epigenetic Expression, the body's Hierarchy of Needs, and Iterative Applied Kinesiology to identify root causes of health imbalances and provide tailored solutions.

Introducing The Cochrane Method®

Even as artificial intelligence, technology and genetically focused and functional medicine continues to evolve, there are still body systems results that cannot be sustained by marrying nutrigenomics, epigenetics, biochemistry and supplementation through existing models and methods. 

Functional medicine as we know it is still a partitioned and incomplete lens, lacking a true system-of-systems approach to understanding disease states both simple and complex.

The Cochrane Method introduces a new approach to functional health that is holistic in scope and sustainable in its implementation.

By applying the correlation between genetic expression, pathogenic re-expression, environmental and food-based toxins, foods and agents that downregulate liver detoxification and other metabolic pathways, as well as the emotional and physical burdens of the body, The Cochrane Method elucidates a personalized algorithm to rebalance the health of a given individual. 

The Cochrane Method is defined by the application of three interrelated components: The Four Portals of Epigenetic Expression, the body’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Iterative Applied Kinesiology.

Using the Four Portals of Epigenetic Expression, Pathogenic, Environmental, Emotional and Physical, practitioners illuminate how and why the body expresses symptomatology and what has contributed to its emergence and resonance.

After accurately identifying any signaling impairments and understanding their root cause, practitioners utilize a fine-tuned Hierarchy of Needs to rebalance the individual using a deliberate, nuanced and granular approach to food and supplementation solutions.

The application of Iterative Applied Kinesiology allows practitioners to locate the source of a health imbalance by measuring and interpreting the body’s response to various stimuli, creating a road map of symptomatic expression and signaling impairment.

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