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Parasites Be Gone! My Go-To Antiparasitic Regimen - Teri Cochrane

Parasites Be Gone! My Go-To Antiparasitic Regimen

Let's talk about how to sync your anti-parasitic regimen with the lunar cycle for maximum efficacy!

This week we’ve been talking about the role of the lunar cycle in our frequency spectrum - and the effects of parasites on the body…But did you know that there is an innate connection between parasitic activity and the lunar cycle? 

Here’s why:

The body’s circadian rhythms correspond to the cycling of the moon. During the lunar cycle, we experience changes in certain neurotransmitters. In particular, the full moon corresponds with a decrease in melatonin and an increase in serotonin. 

Less available melatonin may decrease immune function, making the body less adept at fending off parasites; while a surge of serotonin actually excites and feeds parasites, optimizing their breeding conditions. 

Therefore, if you are struggling with a parasitic load, you may find yourself feeling more sluggish, inflamed, flu-ey or digestively impaired around the full moon. To disrupt this parasitic cycling, I have developed a rule of thumb for my parasitically-challenged clients during the lunar cycle: 

Take your recommended antiparasitic regimen for a full 30 days - then, repeat the regimen 3 days before the full moon, on the day itself, and for 3 days after, for three months following your first 30 day cycle. 

Bookending this circadian rhythm with a 7-day preventative protocol after your first full month of antiparasitics can do wonders for minimizing the effects of parasitic activity. 

So which antiparasitics do I recommend?

My favorites include:

  • Papain & Papaya seeds
  • Clove (liquid form is easy to add to water or tea)
  • Wormwood
  • Black Walnut
  • Activated charcoal
  • My personally formulated anti-microbial, antiparasitic blend, Immune Mover
  • Mastic gum for healing & sealing the gut
  • Non aspergillus-based digestive enzymes (I like papaya enzymes, especially for children) 

Combining a prophylactic like Immune Mover with a papaya-based digestive enzyme and avoiding undercooked meats, sushi or raw vegetables for the 7 day full moon cycle is a solid place to start. 

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To The Tru Of You,

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