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Estrogen Dominance Impacting Our Kids - Teri Cochrane

Estrogen Dominance Impacting Our Kids

Did you know that the young girls are starting their periods as young as 7 years old, while young boys are growing breast buds?

What is the trigger behind this spreading phenomenon of hormonal imbalance? Estrogen dominance.

Denoted by a rise in estrogen and, often times, a corresponding dip in testosterone & progesterone, estrogen dominance has been linked to breast and endometrial cancer, mood imbalances and acne in women, and impotence and infertility in men. 

This pattern can wreak havoc on the developing endocrine systems of younger children and teens, leading to everything from polycystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid disruption to insulin disruption and cell mutation.

So where and how are our kids being exposed to all this estrogen? 

  • Milk - If it is not organic, then this milk is abundant in the worst form of estrogen - xenoestrogens. Cows that produce non-organic milk are injected with estrogenic growth hormones and fed corn laced with pesticides, another potent source of xenoestrogens.
  • Water supply - nitrogen runoff from mass-sprayed pesticides ends up in our water supply. These pesticides convert to xenoestrogens in the body.
  • Non-organic produce - The dirty dozen list of fruits and vegetables (as seen on the EWG website) carry the heaviest pesticide load in the grocery store, and therefore the highest xenoestrogen content. 
  • Non-organic, non pasture-fed animal meat - As always, we suggest that our clients and their families eat Wild, meaning sticking to wild-caught animal proteins like bison, elk, duck, and boar. When we eat conventional meats, we risk consuming quantities of pesticides that the animals are fed, along with excess hormones stored in their tissues. Fatty tissue acts as a storage recpticle for heavy metals, chemicals, hormones and toxins. The fattier the meat, the higher the estrogen content will generally be.

My rule of thumb: know your food sources, and strive to eat clean, organic and pesticide free food. Use a water filter at home, and clean body care products as listed on

To The Tru Of You,

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