The HealAndSeal™ Program




This program guides you to follow a diet and lifestyle specific to your Wildatarian Type because:

  • There is no single health food or diet that works for everyone.
  • Our Wildatarian HealAndSeal Program pinpoints the foods that are best suited for your unique body and your current state of health.

The first step is to take the Wildatarian Quiz to determine your Wildatarian type. Your type determines the specific foods which support you in your HealAndSeal journey to maximize energy, trim the waistline, and reach a state of wellbeing. We do this by “healing and sealing” the gut.

You will learn how you eat matters as much as what you eat and that our thoughts create our reality.

Start your HealAndSeal journey by taking the FREE Wildatarian Type Quiz!

Inspired by our client’s success stories from our bio-individual counseling practice, this 45-day program is your first step toward living as nature intended.

At Teri Cochrane – Beyond Nutrition, we work to get to the root of your health needs – tracing your body’s response to the foods you’re eating all the way back to what makes you unique: your genetics.

Chances are that you’ve heard sweeping generalizations like “kale is the king of vegetables” and “grains are the root of all evil.” But we know that there is no such thing as a healthy diet for everyone. We’ll work together to dig into your own unique nutritional needs.


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