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Lives transformed. Stories told.
Learn how our approach to holistic nutrition has impacted
thousands of lives.

Experts Are Talking

Our peers in the health & wellness space share their experience with Teri's methodology.

Dr. Debi Silber
Talks Teri's Methodology

Distinguished speaker Dr. Debi Sibler talks about Teri's clinical work and praises the Wildatarian approach.

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An Expert In Body:
The Story Behind Wild-Lytes

Discover Teri's journey to creating Wild-Lytes, her unique food-based electrolyte powder,
from where it started - to what it's become.

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Thyroid Expert Dr. Izabella Wentz
On Working With Teri

Dr. Izabella Wentz, founder of the Thyroid Secret, talks about the profound impact that Teri Cochrane has had on her life.

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Teri Cochrane artfully combines the science of bio-individuality and psychological concepts of body ownership and awareness – being your own “body detective” to successfully usher in a new method to diet and lifestyle. Her thoughtful, science-based approach is now easily consumable and actionable in this new book, The Wildatarian Diet. Grown out of her nearly two-decade private practice, the book focuses on what Teri calls The Big Three: protein, fat and sulfur malabsorption – as the keys to figuring out the best foods to eat. She teaches her readers to become body interpreters – to look at their symptoms through a different lens, and to learn when otherwise healthy foods may become anything but healthy. If you want easy-to-follow guidance on optimizing your vitality, mental clarity and waistline, read this book and start living as a Wildatarian®.

JJ Virgin

Teri may just have found the edible fountain of youth and the answer to keeping your brain healthy at any age! Anyone who is interested in preventing disease needs to learn about this unique approach to health.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Thanks for walking us through that very important understanding of how mold in our food and in our environment creates bacterial biofilms, that creates amyloids, that creates a viral load, that creates inflammation that starts the cycle again. No one has ever elucidated that on the show and it’s important, so thank you.

Dave Asprey

Teri is an amazing ‘health hero’ who turned her personal struggle into a way to serve many more people with nowhere to turn. Her work is powerful and important.

Dr. Partha Nandi

Working with Teri you will experience not only her incredible depth and breadth of knowledge but also her heart and her passion for helping others.

Dr. Joan Rosenburg

Client Voices

Our clients say it best. From Alopecia Totalis to allergies and ADD - our clients share their journeys from states of imbalance to whole, vibrant & sustainable health.  

Reversing Alopecia Totalis

When Madelyn lost her hair at age 12 to Alopecia Totalis, Teri formed a plan to rebalance her back to health.
Today she is a talented swimmer and an Olympic hopeful.

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Inflammatory Illness & Allergies

Monica, an identical twin, discusses her journey with joint pain, food allergies and depression, and how Teri helped her resolve her conditions using a unique approach to nutrition.

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A Mother Shares Her Child's Journey
With ADD

Lauren's daughter struggled with academic work and forming social relationships. Teri helped their family navigate a path to health without the use of medications.

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I have had high blood pressure and digestive problems since starting college. I always thought it was the norm to have severe stomach aches after eating and not feel 100% everyday at baseball practice. I suffered through 8 years of this, went on two different medications for my blood pressure and saw no results. It was not until I sat down with Teri Cochrane that I found out my problem was not my body but what I was putting in my body. I had a gluten and animal protein intolerance. I no longer take my blood pressure medicine. With this food plan and approach, my blood pressure is now normal without taking drugs. My stomach aches only occur when I break from my food plan. I have never felt as good from morning to night like I have since going on Teri’s food plan. I now run half iron-mans and her diet has aided in my success. I now feel stronger during my workouts and never have that sick feeling in my stomach when I go for a run after eating. I would no doubt recommend anybody to go and see Teri because she has changed my life for the better.


My experience with Teri Cochrane and Healing Paths has been one of the best roads my life has taken. I have been a client for over one year and have made major strides in my overall health and wellbeing. Teri is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful experts in her field and I have recommended her and her organization to several of my friends and co-workers. Teri has gone a very long way out of her way to help on all levels. I wish to someday give back to her what she has given to me.


Teri Cochrane has touched my life in a way that I am not sure I can express adequately with words. All I know is that I am, and will always be grateful to her for enlightening me physically, mentally and spiritually. Teri is so gifted ..I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, knowledge, empathetic nature, and warmth. She took a harried mom with two asthmatic young children, calmed her, re-assured her and made her feel able to cope. My seven-year-old son took to her immediately and happily adapted his diet to please “Mrs. Cochrane!” We needed answers..she showed us the way! I needed coping mechanisms, she explained them to me. I needed to be heard, she listened! Teri worked with us on many levels that far surpassed any of my previous medical care, not to mention my expectations.

My family has benefited from her help in so many ways. Thank you Teri. You really and truly are a blessing.


When you are ready for answers; when you are ready to take an active role in your wellbeing; you are ready for healing at Teri Cochrane — Beyond Nutrition. My 11-year-old daughter’s health was compromised on many levels: asthma, glucose problems, dizziness, and fatigue. Carefree childhood was slipping away. Teri patiently worked with us on all of our health issues. Teri takes the time to address the cause, not just the symptoms, of a medical issue-a refreshing phenomenon from our “drive by” medical practices. Our whole family has benefited from working with Teri. My daughter is now free of her asthma medications. We have also lowered our liver enzymes and cholesterol levels. Our Doctors expected none of these results. Teri’s extensive knowledge of the body’s systems and how to support them to attain maximum health, her experience and intuitiveness set her apart from others in the healing fields. It is a rare and empowering gift.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Wildatarian"?


  Wildatarian™ | noun:

  1. A dietary and lifestyle regimen consisting of the consumption of generally wild-caught, wild-fed, and sustainable animal and plant-based proteins that have not been industrially raised, processed, genetically modified, hormonally or bacterially supplemented, or in any way divergent from their whole, natural form. This includes wild game meats and fowl, such as bison, elk, goat, lamb, pheasant, quail, and venison; wild-caught fish and shellfish; ancient, organic, non-chemically altered or treated grains; organic, non-mycotoxic legumes, nuts, and seeds, and produce; and organic, generally grass-fed, non-hormonally treated dairy products. This is a lifestyle that fosters a practice of abundance, positivity, and intentional living. This is a lifestyle that affirms a greater connection with community and planet. It is a commitment to personal engagement. It is a pledge to be proactive, and to seek, commit to, and live a life of abundance as nature intended.


  1. One who consumes wild and sustainable proteins, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and produce for vibrant, total-body health on a molecular level.

Where did Teri's story begin?

In institutional finance. That's right!

Before Teri became an internationally recognized integrative practitioner, she was a mom of two juggling her own family life with running the family division portfolio at Freddie Mac. It wasn't until Teri's children faced their own health crises - and were failed by the allopathic medical model - that she changed course and began her second career and life's work: sharing her unique approach to health and wellness, to the benefit of thousands.

To learn more about Teri's story, visit her about page.

Is bio-individual nutrition right for me?

Are you frustrated with the standard medical model? Tired of diets that plateau or don't work? Hitting a dead-end with your current medical or nutritional care? Feeling your vibrancy slip away?

If you're looking for health solutions that are personalized to your:

  • Genetic blueprint
  • Physical & emotional history
  • Current state of health
  • Unique lifestyle

Our approach to bio-individualized nutrition is for you. At Beyond Nutrition, we tailor every aspect of our nutritional plans to fit our clients needs - not the other way round.

Learn more about our bio-individual approach to wellness by visiting our consults page.