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Stop And Smell The Roses - Teri Cochrane

Stop And Smell The Roses

February; A time for flowers, chocolates and for spending time with those we love! The February holiday – Valentine’s Day – celebrates love and romance and it has a flower… The Rose.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I believe everything around us has energy. And it vibrates at a certain frequency. I believe that raising your energetic frequency can and does help you heal  and supports you in staying healthy. I help my clients raise their frequency – by being careful with the food they choose, the way they care for their body, the thoughts they think and the emotions they feel. Achieving a high vibration is part of the Wildatarian® diet and lifestyle.

Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to experience high frequency emotions – love, support, passion, connection. It can also offer physical pleasure – through touch, a hug and a kiss. And of course it is also about The Rose…

So what do roses have to do with vibrations and frequency?

Scientists studying the frequencies of Essential Oils point to the Rose as having one of the highest frequencies of any oil. This means that it is vibrating on a super high level. And when we are exposed to it, our frequency can rise as well.

So this Valentine’s Day, really do Stop and Smell the Roses. Literally and figuratively. Figuratively by taking some time out to relax and enjoy your surroundings. To appreciate the gifts life has to give. To connect with loved ones, Mother Nature and with the Divine in all of us. And literally, by incorporating the Rose into your surroundings. Here’s how:

  • Add rose water to food and beverages.
  • Drink rose flavored teas such as the Tulsi Sweet Rose.
  • Spray rose room spray on upholstery, furniture, bedding, towels and anywhere you want an energetic lift.
  • Keep fresh roses in your home and gift them to your loved ones.
  • Grow roses in your backyard.
  • Use Rose essential oil:
    • Topically for an elevated emotion or as a calmative. Try inside your wrists, bottoms of your feet and behind your ears.
    • In a diffuser.
    • In your bath.
    • As an inhalant when you need to up your vibration.
    • Spread fresh rose petals in the bedroom or bathroom as a romantic gesture.

Practice living to increase your vibrational frequency. Connect to good energies with everyone you spend time with and everything you do – what you eat, breathe, see and touch. Bring fun and joy into your life – through friends and family, hobbies and nature. Be positive – the emotions of love, trust, compassion and optimism have high vibrational frequency. Avoid anger, fear, resentment and other low frequency emotions. Interrupt negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations – I call this repatterning. And if you can, Stop and Smell the Roses. Elevating your frequency can yield immeasurable positive results. 

P.S. While you’re relaxing, enjoy this fabulous article from about how to clean your home’s energy & raise your vibration. 

To The Tru Of You,

Teri Cochrane

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