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Rebalancing Excessive Hair Loss - Teri Cochrane

Rebalancing Excessive Hair Loss

This moving testimonial describes Mira's journey with excessive hair loss and our process for unraveling the underlying causes of her condition.

Every day, we make good on our promise that nothing is impossible. 

With blessings,

From Our Client:

“I love your hair!” someone shouted at me as I was walking by at the Tyson’s mall the other day.

I have not heard that complement for years, and I would probably never hear it if not for Teri, my wonderful nutritional counselor, who helped me grow my hair back and restore my overall health.
For the last several years I’ve had very excessive hair loss.

Multiple doctors prescribed different drugs (finasteride, water pill, rogaine etc.), which were only a temporary solution. I would continue losing my hair as soon I stopped using them. I couldn’t understand why I was going bald, and I was clearly told by one of the doctors that I will have to take prescription drugs “forever” in order to have hair.

On top of my hair problem I was dealing with a hip pain that started out of the blue and it limited my ability to exercise. My orthopedic doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to ever run again (very depressing news for a person who loves to run) and that the hip pain will only go away if I take the medicine “long enough.” While only in my thirties, my current health condition made me feel hopeless and very discouraged.
But, as we all know “it is not over, until God says it’s over,” or until we meet Teri Cochrane!

I was very lucky to be referred to her by my dermatologist, who I was seeing for a hair loss and who suggested that it might be caused by my diet. I was a little surprised to hear that, as I was sure I was eating healthy: whole grains (everybody says it’s good for you), salads etc., however, I agreed to the referral, since I was desperate for help.

Meeting Teri was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Teri had very clear answers for my hair loss, and other health issues I shared with her; she had solutions, and she gave me the hope I was so desperately looking for. During my first appointment Teri did various tests, which showed that things like heavy metals, sulfur, gluten, diary, refined sugar, and mold were causing my health issues.

She came up with a diet and supplements plan to clean my body and to help me grow my hair back. And surely enough several weeks later I started to notice the difference in my body: first the hip pain went away, even though I was off of the strong anti-inflammatory drugs and back to exercising, and my hair stopped falling out and I noticed new growths! As weeks passed by, my hair was getting thicker and thicker and I could feel my body healing.

Today, pain free, off all prescription drugs, and with beautiful and growing hair, I went for a follow up visit with Teri. I passed all the tests I had failed nine months ago, and now I am allowed to eat 99% of the food I could not have initially. So, she told me I don’t have to come see her again. My body healed itself through the food and the supplement plan she worked out for me. I went to see Teri because of a horrible hair loss, but she also “fixed” my hip problem!

I share my story with my family, friends, and coworkers, who have various health problems and have been told by doctors that there is nothing that can be done. Teri proved how the right nutrition can heal our bodies if we only give it a chance and I cannot thank her enough for restoring my health!
Thank you so much, Teri!

- Mira

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