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Natural Sunburn Remedy - Teri Cochrane

Natural Sunburn Remedy

Too much fun in the sun can leave a nasty burn - and even scarring.

To help revitalize and soothe your skin after UV damage, here’s my summer sunburn protocol:

Directly after burning: 

Cool the skin with a cold shower or compress. Holding a towel-wrapped ice pack to sensitive areas can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

Apply aloe vera, calendula and chamomile* (*if you don’t have a ragweed allergy) topically three times a day to help soothe the skin and to stimulate the production of skin-building collagen. All three of these natural remedies can be found at your local natural food stores, and at Mom’s or Whole Foods. 

Directly after burning and for a week after:

Apply Vitamin E topically and take 1,000 IUs orally to support the repair of the skin’s collagen matrix. This powerful antioxidant will help reduce oxidative damage to cell membranes caused by UV exposure as your body continues to rebuild and restructure your skin barrier.  

Apply a zinc oxide sunscreen when exposed to sunlight. Zinc oxide forms a physical barrier on the skin, protecting you from harmful UV rays. This will help the body recoup and restore without suffering further damage. 

To The Tru Of You,
Teri Cochrane

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