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End Stage Cancer Testimonial - Teri Cochrane

End Stage Cancer Testimonial

This is a testimonial from the wife of a client who was living with end stage cancer. After being told there was no hope for him, a Wildatarian lifestyle along with our bio-individual nutritional program returned this client to full health. 

Every day, we make good on our promise that nothing is impossible. 

With blessings,

From Our Client:

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, Teri taught us that food can be the difference between life and death.  Four-and-a-half years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer called amyloidosis. The disease deposits sticky protein cells in the major organs of the body. In my husband’s case, it was primarily his heart. The day before he was to start chemo, he had a stroke and was in the hospital for a month. During that time, I begged for information about how to support my husband through nutrition, but the doctors could only encourage me to do so. They had no concrete guidance. During my husband’s convalescence at home, friends brought us meals, including one from Teri’s cookbook. I booked an appointment with Teri, and my husband’s road to recovery began.

Teri taught us that it’s important to not only eat healthy food, but also what within that broad category was helpful and what was not. Something got my husband to the point of desperate ill health, and in that state, even some “healthy” foods can be harmful.  Teri was able to identify what he needed to cut out and what he needed to eat more of. By all accounts, my husband should not be alive today. He’s been in remission for two-and-a-half years; he’s working, and he’s riding his bike daily. We continue to eat healthy, and though the doctors tell us the cancer “will” return again, we believe that through healthy eating, he will continue to defy the odds.


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