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Chronic Pain & Nervous System Dysfunction - Teri Cochrane

Chronic Pain & Nervous System Dysfunction

This powerful client testimonial describes how an "invisible" issue like chronic pain can impact our quality of life and our ability to thrive.

After 4 years of chronic pain and autonomic nervous system dysfunction, our gene-smart approach to protein and fat malabsorption cleared the biological and emotional traumas of this client in three visits, restoring her ability to live a life of clarity and freedom. 

Every day, we make good on our promise that nothing is impossible. 

With blessings,

From Our Client:

Spine surgery gone wrong, a physical assault in a foreign country, and a couple of other traumatic life events left me with sciatica, anxiety and chronic pain which began in February, 2012 and remained with me for 4 solid years. When I woke up each morning, my first thought was always “how bad will it hurt today?”

Pain was always on my mind. It sapped my energy and took away my ability to think clearly. It defined me. I was no longer a 40-something year old wife, mother, daughter, and friend, but a person in severe pain who could sometimes barely walk, sit down, or find any comfortable position unless I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. I wondered how many more years I would live, and whether chronic pain could actually kill a person. My feet hurt. My back ached. My mouth and swollen tongue felt like they were on fire.

I did everything I could think of to erase the pain. I saw more doctors – spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, mental health professionals, pain specialists. I had x-rays, MRIs, EMGs, blood tests, and many, many different types of injections. I tried prolotherapy (considered experimental surgery and not covered by insurance) and ordered various remedies, such as back braces, menthol creams, and e-stim devices online. I took anti-inflammatories, muscle spasm medication, and every type of painkiller I could find (or that doctors would allow, but that’s another story in itself), but nothing worked, and no two doctors could agree on why I was in so much pain.

Outwardly, I tried to act and appear normal, if only for the sake of my family, friends and co-workers. But I’ll never forget the day one of my doctors scoffed, “There’s nothing wrong with you. You look to good to be in pain” as he shooed me out of his office. The following week I found out I had a torn hip labrum, yet another ailment to add to my list.

Thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and 4 years later I found Teri Cochrane, and she changed my life.  Within 3 months of my first meeting with Teri, I finally had days where I woke up in the morning thinking about things other than pain. In fact, some days I even forgot about the pain. Today I rarely even think about pain, because for the most part, it is gone!

My heels don’t hurt any longer, and I can wear normal shoes again. I can sit for hours at a time without getting a backache. My mouth looks and feels good. My thoughts are no longer cloudy, and I am not as forgetful, jumpy or moody as I once was. I have more energy, and I feel great. One of my best friends recently told me I looked different, but she couldn’t quite tell why. She said my skin and face looked good, and she even asked me who I was seeing for cosmetic surgery. I laughed and told her the truth – the difference was attributable to Teri, not a plastic surgeon!

After seeing Teri only three times over a 6-month period, today I feel great. I am happy and healthy again, and I finally have my life back, thanks to Teri and her team.

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