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Candida & Mental Health Transformation - Teri Cochrane

Candida & Mental Health Transformation

I feel a need to share this story so that anyone with a child who may be experiencing similar symptoms knows there are alternatives to psychotropic drugs when addressing mental health issues.

Every day, we make good on our promise that nothing is impossible. 

With blessings,

Client Story:

A 14 year old came to see me who was suffering from intense depression and self harm thoughts. Her anxiety was so debilitating that she had dropped out of school. 

Through muscle testing, we discerned that her system was expressing arabinose - a metabolite of candida. We know that this can impair dopamine metabolism and can cause deleterious effects on the brain.  

I shared with this young woman that the thoughts she was having were not hers - but that there were pathogens in her system making her feel this way. I asked her to give me two weeks to help her find relief. 

During those 2 weeks, I advised her to cut out any foods that had the slightest potential to turn into sugar; including grains, fruits, legumes and even "healthy" foods that contained oxalates, like kale, berries, coconut, black beans, beets, swiss chard and almonds. In the presence of arabinose, oxalate acid can exacerbate symptoms by further disrupting dopamine metabolism. We also put her on an aggressive herbal anti-fungal and an antiviral protocol.   

Today was her two week check-in and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Against all odds, she is a happy, lovely, self loving young woman, who has returned to school and seen the resolution of her mental health symptoms.

Her mother shared that they had been searching for years for an answer. So many doctors, so many tests, so much expense, so much hopelessness.

Perspective is everything. I am continued to be humbled daily by the power of the body to heal if we understand what it needs . 

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