WIldatarian® Kickstart Detox

Teri introduces you to a 7-day detox that is safe and easy to do at home. This is perfect for those wanting to lose a few unwanted pounds, lower inflammation or give their body a break from toxins commonly found in food.

Completely food based, the Wildatarian® Kickstart Detox is gentle – no need to worry about unpleasant side effects or interactions with any medications or supplements. Teri guides you through easy meal preparation in two 3-hour blocks – even those who don’t spend much time in the kitchen will be successful with simple to make fare.

The easy-to-follow detox includes the following:

  • Shopping list for your pantry, fridge and freezer
  • Cooking regimen – what to make when in 2 easy cooking blocks
  • Eating regimen – what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack
  • 7-day menu – an easy-to-follow, printable roadmap to your 7 days’ worth of meals
  • Recipes – 7 illustrated recipes to get you on your way