A supplement blend is like a symphony. If one ingredient is wrong for your body it can throw off the whole intention of the formulation. After much consideration, I decided to formulate my own line of carefully crafted products – making sure that each ingredient is powerful on its own and at the same time works synergistically with all the other ingredients in a specific blend.

Botanicals, vitamins, and minerals are efficacious and powerful. The accepted thinking in supplement formulation is to create products which combine high doses of the most powerful ingredients to achieve a desired effect. While this is well-intentioned, it does not take into consideration bio-individuality – what is great for one person can be ineffective or even harmful for someone else.

With my formulations, I intentionally omit otherwise readily used ingredients that can negatively impact the body’s biochemical pathways. These formulas avoid ingredients which can exacerbate problems I commonly see in my private practice – issues such as impaired methylation, suboptimal detoxification, poor digestive integrity, and a weak gut/brain axis. In addition, all of my formulations exclude sulfur-based ingredients which have become commonplace in the supplement universe. These formulas, while more gentle, are still effective and powerful. Hundreds of clients in my clinical practice have already experienced the profound benefits these formulations provide – and I am thrilled to now be able to offer them to a wider audience of people like you.