A supplement blend is like a symphony. If one ingredient is wrong for your body, it can throw off the intention of the whole formulation. Inspired by 15 years of in-practice results, I have formulated my own line of carefully crafted supplements – making sure that each ingredient is powerful on its own while working synergistically with every other ingredient in the blend.

Effective supplementation starts with your genes. Designed with overlooked genetic sensitivities in mind, my formulas intentionally omit ingredients, such as sulfur-based compounds and adaptogenic fungi, that can exacerbate complications I commonly see in my private practice, including impaired methylation, suboptimal detoxification, poor digestive integrity, and a weak gut/brain axis.

Thousands of clients in my clinical practice have already experienced the profound benefits these formulations provide – and I am thrilled to now be able to offer them to a wider audience of people like you.