A client of mine recently asked me what I put on my grocery list and what I purchase. The following shows 39 meals from the purchased ingredients for an average of $4.00 per person per meal. Can’t get better than this for fresh, organic, fare.

Grocery list from Tuesday, March 20th:

– 2 Dozen eggs

– Pasture fed milk

– Pint ½ and 1/2

– Fresh collards

– Fresh asparagus

– Fresh parsley

– 1 package quinoa

– 1 bag lentils

– 1 bag white beans

– Organic strawberries

– Organic blueberries

– 6 organic Cornish Game Hen

– Uncured uncut ham piece

– Organic frozen peas

– Fresh tomatoes, vine ripe and grape

– Yellow and red peppers

– Fresh mushrooms

– Fresh chilantro

– 2 lemons

– Cucumber,

– Fresh mozzarella

– Onions

– 2 limes

– 2 avocados

– 3 garlic heads

– 4 cans of fire roasted tomatoes

– 2 cans of tomato paste

– Head of broccoli

The total bill was $145.00.

From these ingredients, I will feed my family for Tuesday night dinner then an additional 4 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus my assistant for 2 lunches, for a total of  39 meals. This comes out to $3.71 per person, per meal. (Ok, round it to $4.00 per person for the nuts and salad purchased earlier.)

Here is what I plan to make with the ingredients:

Tuesday evening and Wednesday lunch: Quinoa with fresh mozzarella topped with a French inspired ham with collards, asparagus, mushrooms, peas in a garlic and cream sauce. This is a new recipe I threw together last night – I was feeling my French connection.

All ingredients purchased were organic and fresh. I challenge anyone to buy even fast food at these prices. Not to mention the nutritional value and health promoting properties you receive from home made fresh organic food. If you plan ahead, there will be no wasted food and it can be very economical.

Here is the menu:  

Breakfast Wednesday for: Eggs, strawberries and nuts (nuts I had on hand.)

Dinner Wednesday and lunch Thursday: Garlic lemon chicken with roasted bell peppers.

Breakfast Thursday: Left over quinoa with mozzarella.

Dinner Thursday: White beans with left over ham and collard green soup with a side salad.

Lunch Friday: Left over White beans and ham soup with side salad.

Dinner Friday:  Lentils with fire roasted tomatoes and parsley, tomato and mozzarella salad

Breakfast Saturday: Strawberries and blueberries topped with nuts and honey over quinoa.

Lunch Saturday: Bean salsa (made from the white beans and add fire roasted tomatoes) with lime and cilantro and avocado salad.

Dinner Saturday: Ham, broccoli, parsley and mozzarella with a side salad (greens purchased at Costco earlier.)

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