Can you believe it? Halloween is just around the corner! It was after I realized the true power of food on our health, that Halloween became a holiday where I had to figure out a way to let my children keep all the holiday fun IN, while leaving all the sugar-laden frankenfoods OUT.   

Sugar aside, most commercially available candy is full of things we do not want in our own, or our childrens’ bodies. Food coloring, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors to name a few. So many of these ‘treats’ are GMO – genetically modified organisms – and were poorly tested by the FDA before approval. So, on top of that infamous Halloween sugar-rush, your child is likely to experience a high toxic burden, which his or her little body will have to work extra hard to clear.  

In my ideal world, everyone would be handing out healthy fare on Halloween – baby carrots, nuts, seeds and fruit. I know this is not realistic. So here are some doable, Wildatarian-approved suggestions to make this Halloween safer for you and your child. 

If you want to stay true to Halloween tradition with candy, consider one of these (or all of these!) better-for-you substitutions: 


  • If you are a peanut butter cup lover, these almond butter cups are an amazing alternative. – The quality and taste justify the price tag! 
  • If fruit candy is more your thing, these organic lollipops are a fabulous option. 
  • More of a chocolate fan? Try these unreal chocolates in a colorful candy shell. A great option if you love to snack on traditional M&Ms. 


If you decide to “opt out” of giving candy, and instead “opt in” to something more out-of-the-box, you can consider handing out non-food items. If this is the route you choose to take, you may want to put some TEAL PUMPKINS on your porch – this lets trick-or-treaters know that you are not giving out candy, and that you are an allergen-safe Halloween stop.  


Here are some of my favorite suggestions for non-food items to give out this Halloween: 


  • A fun non-food treat for kids are these great glow sticks. They are so fun for the kids to use, and they make it easy for you parents to keep an eye on your little ones! 
  • If you prefer to give out something a little more interactive, these bubble wands are almost MORE fun than candy!  


Here’s to a healthy Wildatarian Halloween, where we disrupt “business as usual” for this sugar-centered holiday with fun and delicious Wildatarian-approved alternatives. 


Trick or Treat!

To the Tru of You, 

 Teri Cochrane

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