Just as sand is millions of crushed shells, softened by water over time, health conditions may have their root in a completely different organ system than we might have expected. A new client came to see me recently for digestive distress. Over the last 18 months, this 40+ year old male had gone from a perfect physical condition, to debilitating gastro- intestinal distress. He bowels were uncontrollable. He had undergone all the testing and there was no answer, other than you have IBS and here is a Protein Pump Inhibitor and Miralax. He was miserable and had lost 20 pounds, had severe fatigue. When he first sat down in my office, I immediately asked him what was wrong with his left eye. It seemed a little enlarged to me. He shared that he had been hit in the eye about 18 months ago during a basketball game.  The eye was the root of the problem. He vagus nerve which affects the digestive tract had been impaired by the impact. We needed in essence to reboot his neurotransmitters and now heal the leaky gut created by all the epinephrine his body was creating. I also recommended him to an activation therapy chiropractor for re-alignment. One week later he is having normal stools and energy is back. We need to look deeper than what meets the eye.

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