Wildatarian book

The Wildatarian Diet —
Living as Nature Intended

  • Are you exhausted from trying every diet out there without yielding results?
  • Are you confused as to which foods you should be eating for your body?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the ‘one size fits all’ diets and the conflicting advice they give?
  • Are you tired, not your ideal pant size, overwhelmed and confused as to what advice to trust?

This diet puts the power back in your hands. It educates and empowers you to understand your Wild Type and your unique body – especially when it talks to you using symptoms – joint pain, rashes, foggy headedness, weight gain, fatigue, and many others. The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended is the key tool you need to choose the right foods, understand what your body is telling you, and take other actions to promote your optimal health and wellbeing.

Sweeping generalizations like “kale is the king of vegetables” and “grains are the root of evil” have likely been holding you back from achieving optimal health and happiness.

Finally there is a diet that can apply to everyone while at the same time being customized to you according to your Wild Type!



Wildatarian™ | noun:

  1. A dietary and lifestyle regimen consisting of the consumption of generally wild-caught, wild-fed, and sustainable animal and plant-based proteins that have not been industrially raised, processed, genetically modified, hormonally or bacterially supplemented, or in any way divergent from their whole, natural form. This includes wild game meats and fowl, such as bison, elk, goat, lamb, pheasant, quail, and venison; wild-caught fish and shellfish; ancient, organic, non-chemically altered or treated grains; organic, non-mycotoxic legumes, nuts, and seeds, and produce; and organic, generally grass-fed, non-hormonally treated dairy products. This is a lifestyle that fosters a practice of abundance, positivity, and intentional living. This is a lifestyle that affirms a greater connection with community and planet. It is a commitment to personal engagement. It is a pledge to be proactive, and to seek, commit to, and live a life of abundance as nature intended.
  2. One who consumes wild and sustainable proteins, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and produce for vibrant, total-body health on a molecular level.

Wildatarian | adjective:

  1. A way of eating and living that encompasses Wildatarian principles.

The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is neither medical advice nor a substitute for actual medical care. The Program has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Teri Cochrane artfully combines the science of bio-individuality and psychological concepts of body ownership and awareness – being your own “body detective” to successfully usher in a new method to diet and lifestyle. Her thoughtful, science-based approach is now easily consumable and actionable in this new book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended. Grown out of her nearly two-decade private practice, the book focuses on what Teri calls The Big Three: protein, fat and sulfur malabsorption – as the keys to figuring out the best foods to eat. She teaches her readers to become body interpreters – to look at their symptoms through a different lens, and to learn when otherwise healthy foods may become anything but healthy. If you want easy-to-follow guidance on optimizing your vitality, mental clarity and waistline, read this book and start living as a Wildatarian®.
JJ Virgin, CNSCelebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Four-time New York Times Best-selling Author
Teri is revolutionizing the field of nutrition! I highly recommend Teri's Wildatarian® plan and approach if you're struggling with a mystery illness and are ready to take back your health.
Izabella Wentz, PharmDFounder of ThyroidPharmacist.com, New York Times Best-selling author
Teri may have just found the edible fountain of youth and the answer to keeping your brain healthy at any age! Anyone who is interested in preventing chronic disease needs to get a copy of The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended and learn about this unique approach to health. As a physician with a background in nutritional biochemistry, I am very impressed by the sound nutrition principles encompassed in this diet and how accessible Teri makes it to adopt a Wildatarian lifestyle. These nutrient-dense foods are exactly what women with endometriosis, thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction and other conditions that experience growth like fibroids need to heal and restore health.
Jolene Brighten, NDWomen’s health expert and best-selling author
Teri is an amazing Health Hero who converted her family struggles into a gift for people in disease state who felt like they had nowhere to turn. Teri's work is powerful and important, and her new book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended, is a great tool to educate on the vast differences in animal proteins and their effects on the body. Getting a little ``Wild`` is an important part of being your own Health Hero.
Partha Nandi, MDPracticing physician and a renowned international speaker