​The dietary supplement industry is estimated to be approximately a $133B business globally and $37B here in the United States. The projected increase is immense – far outpacing the rate of regular economic growth. Why is this happening and what do we need to be aware of?

The truth is that at least here, in the US, people are becoming sicker.

The projected life expectancy of the population has fallen for the past several years .

For the first time in history future generations will not live as long as their parents.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmunity and cardiovascular illness are on the rise. The turmoil in the healthcare and health insurance marketplace adds fuel to the fire of illness. Consumers are inundated with widely available information about their health – via “Dr. Google” as some call it. Acting on partial information can prove to be dangerous.

People, whether ill or just trying to live healthier lives, are searching to more natural approaches to health and wellness. Our food is less nutritious. The proliferation of large, commercial agriculture and farming designed to increase yield and storage is operating at the expense of nutrient content. For many, it’s difficult to meet even the minimum RDA standards from the diet alone. Others are looking for ways to enhance their athletic performance or mitigate the aging process. People turn to supplements to help them sleep, boost mood, lose weight and for many other reasons. Supplement manufacturers, some well-meaning and others not so much, often rush products to market based on the latest study or just to take advantage of a fad – such as the latest diet or exercise craze.

Whatever the reason, supplements can help – by providing missing nutrients, helping the body ward off pathogens, supporting mood, and so on. But consumers must be wary. The truth is that the supplement industry is poorly regulated and replete with inferior and even harmful products. Multiple lawsuits by some federal and state agencies highlight these facts. Media stories about unsafe contaminants and missing ingredients abound. What’s the bottom line? Everyone who is considering taking something should do their research. Only buy from reputable brands which hold certifications and are subject to third party testing. The whole manufacturing chain, starting with the origin of each supplement ingredient and ending with how the actual product was stored before being sold, should undergo meticulous quality control.

Assuming you choose a great supplement company, what else should you consider? For me, it’s often the ingredient list. Good and reputable companies often have the “kitchen sink” approach to formulating a supplement – identifying a condition of interest and throwing in many of the ingredients that have been shown in studies to help it. But what if one of the ingredients doesn’t work for some of the people? Or what if the interaction between the ingredients makes the product less efficacious?

All of these considerations led me to start my own supplement line. Although I have access to many high-end, high-quality supplement companies, I could not find the exact formulas I needed to help my clients. The formulations were either missing key ingredients or included those that I found to be problematic in my 15 years of clinical practice. This was especially true in two areas where most of my clients need help – stress handling and immune support. I knew exactly what I wanted in my products – and I partnered with a trusted, high quality supplement manufacturer to bring my vision to life. This is how my marquee formulas – TC COMPR-DWO and TC IMMUNE-MOVER came to life.

TC COMPR-DWO is a formula that helps with stress – our new normal. Every one of us has to deal with daily stress. Medical researchers have linked stress with a variety of conditions and unpleasant symptoms such as low energy, poor mood, depression, anxiety, gut distress, hormone imbalance, pain, inflammation and immune suppression. Whatever you are struggling with – stress will make it worse. COMPR-DWO can help balance the body’s stress handling. This formula combines calming amino acids with an adaptogenic botanical and other essential ingredients to optimize the body’s Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis – the organ system which regulates key hormone and neurotransmitter production, distribution and metabolism. As a side benefit, COMPR-DWO helps the body manage inflammation however it may manifest. I named it after DWO – the Greek root for balance, especially as it pertains to epinephrine, cortisol and histamine – chemical messengers which contribute to stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain, middle belly fat, diabetes and a host of other illnesses and symptoms.  Clients rave about this formula’s ability to “take the edge” off, help with the feeling of wellbeing and support sleep. If you are going through a stressful time or are prone to stress-induced symptoms, COMPR-DWO just may change your life!

TC IMMUNE-MOVER was formulated as a general immune supporter. We are all exposed to pathogens on a daily basis. And an impaired immune system, the majority of which resides in out gastrointestinal tract, can make us more vulnerable to pathogen-induced illness – conditions ranging from the common cold to autoimmunity and Lyme. Under normal circumstances, our immune system can protect us from potential pathogens, but the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle can overtax the body, allowing harmful microorganisms to take hold. Excessive stress, inadequate nutrition, and lack of sleep and exercise create a perfect storm for a weakened immune system. IMMUNE-MOVER combines 11 botanicals facilitating a balanced biome in the digestive tract and supporting immune system response. Proper microbial balance in the digestive system is key to overall health, immunity and vitality.  Clients’ feedback has reinforced the efficacy of this formula in a variety of situations – whether preventing or recovering from seasonal illnesses, helping tame travel-related GI upset, or normalizing digestion – this formula is part of my own and many clients’ daily regimen – increasing resilience and supporting the body’s immune response.

I encourage you to try one or both of these formulas. They are clean and pure – free from gluten, dairy, soy, and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Caution: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep the products out of reach of children. Do not start taking any products without first discussing it with your primary care provider (PCP). Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Avoid if you are allergic to any formula ingredients or if you are on any antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications. Discontinue use and consult your health care provider if you experience any adverse reactions.

To the Tru of You™,

Teri Cochrane

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