Recently, a friend reached out to me in a panic about a bad batch of shrimp she ate while on a what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation – not something you want on your time off!  Summer is a great time to get out and see the world, but traveling can stress the immune system and expose us to unfamiliar foods and unforeseen pathogens – possibly leading to irritation and illness. Have no fear – if you bring along the right first-aid kit, you can feel safe that if a mishap occurs, you will have your little savers with you!  My emergency “go-tos” include my “fab five” – products I have determined to be essential for any traveler! As a Wildatarian, I always look to nature first – these helpers work in harmony with our bodies to restore balance quickly. You can purchase the “fab five” from Thrive Market – the online marketplace for all things healthy – and have them delivered right to your door! You can even use this link for an extra 25% off!


I call ACV the Nectar of the Gods. It is something that I use every day and recommend to many of my clients. I feel so good with it that I take a small glass container of it with me wherever I go. Just a capful in a few ounces of water does the trick! Both of my kids, now young adults, are as committed to it as I am. It can be used as a digestive aid and helps to alkalize the body when feeling queasy.


This miraculous fat is antifungal, antimicrobial, and hydrating! Bring a small glass jar in your suitcase to use as a moisturizer, treatment for rashes, lubricant, or even a great lip gloss. Use it in a smoothie to serve as a quick boost of energy.


This wonderful oil can kill various strains of bacteria, viruses, mold and yeasts. When traveling, apply topically for skin issues or spray on suspicious mold and mildew in your hotel shower. You can find a variety of preparations for oral and topical use. 


Activated Charcoal is a great natural binder – it can attach to pathogens and unwanted toxins and escort them out of the body. Our emergency rooms commonly use it in cases of poisoning and overdose, and water treatment systems use charcoal filters. I take it with me whenever I travel. From acute food poisoning, to traveler’s diarrhea, or any unwanted queasiness – this supplement can save the day!


If you are not using Arnica as part of your first-aid kit, you should start today. Ancient civilizations realized the potent anti-inflammatory effects of Arnica Montana to reduce bruising and speed recovery from physical injury. You can bring Arnica 30C pellets to use sublingually or a topical arnica cream and use directly on sore joints, achy muscles and bruised tissues.

You can learn more in my free e-book Teri’s Fab Five, which you can download here. Wherever you summer adventures take you, I want you to be the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself. On your vacation, I hope you can be fully present, live in the spirit of adventure, and get a well-needed respite from the burdens and responsibilities you face in your everyday life!

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