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Thanks for walking us through that very important understanding of how mold in our food and in our environment creates bacterial biofilms, that creates amyloids, that creates a viral load, that creates inflammation that starts the cycle again. No one has ever elucidated that on the show and it’s important, so thank you.

Dave Asprey

Founder and CEO of Bulletproof

Dr. Debi Silber

Dr. Izabella Wentz

Teri Cochrane artfully combines the science of bio-individuality and psychological concepts of body ownership and awareness – being your own “body detective” to successfully usher in a new method to diet and lifestyle. Her thoughtful, science-based approach is now easily consumable and actionable in this new book, The Wildatarian Diet. Grown out of her nearly two-decade private practice, the book focuses on what Teri calls The Big Three: protein, fat and sulfur malabsorption – as the keys to figuring out the best foods to eat. She teaches her readers to become body interpreters – to look at their symptoms through a different lens, and to learn when otherwise healthy foods may become anything but healthy. If you want easy-to-follow guidance on optimizing your vitality, mental clarity and waistline, read this book and start living as a Wildatarian®.

JJ Virgin, CNS

Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert

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Summer Bock

Robbe Richman

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Joan Rosenberg

Debora Wayne

Dr. Alejandra Carrasco

I have had high blood pressure and digestive problems since starting college. I always thought it was the norm to have severe stomach aches after eating and not feel 100% everyday at baseball practice. I suffered through 8 years of this, went on two different medications for my blood pressure and saw no results. It was not until I sat down with Teri Cochrane that I found out my problem was not my body but what I was putting in my body. I had a gluten and animal protein intolerance. I no longer take my blood pressure medicine. With this food plan and approach, my blood pressure is now normal without taking drugs. My stomach aches only occur when I break from my food plan. I have never felt as good from morning to night like I have since going on Teri’s food plan. I now run half iron-mans and her diet has aided in my success. I now feel stronger during my workouts and never have that sick feeling in my stomach when I go for a run after eating. I would no doubt recommend anybody to go and see Teri because she has changed my life for the better.


Burke, VA

Being diagnosed with a yeast overgrowth necessitated the need for me to totally change my way of eating if I was to get better. Teri is a very gifted and intelligent nutritionist who has completely changed my life. Her recipes have opened my eyes to a whole new way of cooking. Not only are her meals quick, easy, and healthy…they are delicious! My entire family loves them. Thanks to Teri, I am on my “healing path” and loving the journey!


After leaving my first appointment with Teri I thought to myself “what the heck am I going to eat”? I’m definitely one of those people who enjoys food! I love pasta, cheeseburgers and anything made of sugar. So as motivated as I was to change my diet, a part of me was worried that I would live a boring life eating boring food. But as I dove into Teri’s recipes I realized that I didn’t have to deprive myself! I could make her recipes and continue to enjoy food! Some of my favorites are the avocado, mango & cilantro salad, the banana quinoa muffins, the green vegetable soup and the chili. I have found all of her recipes to be not only delicious but energy packed!


It can be extremely overwhelming to change your diet and make a commitment for a healthier lifestyle. When I was told to do so for health reasons, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Teri’s guidance and recipes were immensely helpful. Even my children enjoy the meals. Two or our favorites are the Chili and Bean and Cheese Enchiladas


Before I met Teri my life was filled with frustration especially because I didn’t feel good from the inside. I was trying to lose weight, control losing my hair and deal with mood swings. I felt like I was battling myself to keep myself feeling good. I didn’t know the choices of food we eat could make a difference in the way we feel as well. When I met Teri I discovered I had Gluten intolerance, and allergies to several other foods. I then followed her recommendations for new foods and supplements. She gave us wonderful recipes that were very easy to follow as well. Of course being Indian we love spicy food so we did make small alterations to fit our taste; but the recipes were just wonderful. I never used to eat fish until I made Teri’s Tilapia recipe. I fell in love with it and things like Quinoa which I never knew existed. She made a big difference in my life and after seeing a change in me, I brought my husband to her as well. He has improved so much over a few months it’s just unbelievable. He used to suffer from migraine attacks all the time and these were taking over our life. He hasn’t had a migraine over 2 months now. He started to put on weight which was also remarkable for someone who has been underweight for a very long time.



We both just wanted to say: “Thanks again!” It’s been a while (thanks to Teri Cochrane) since my wife and I have seen her in person. This is primarily due to the EXCELLENT results my wife has obtained after Teri removed gluten and foods to which she was reactive. We then followed her recommendations for new foods and supplements. These were highly successful recommendations. My wife has continued to adhere to Teri’s advice over the last year, and she now feels wonderful! She used to just barely get through the day

D &D. B

Fairfax, VA

In January 1990 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Over the course of 18 years I was hospitalized 5 times and spent long periods of time on Prednisone. In addition to coming to terms with my chronic medical condition, my life was also severely impacted by the physical and mental side effects of taking the steroids. My quality of life was “tolerable” … some days better, some days worse.

In 2008 I was introduced to Teri Cochrane and my life was dramatically changed. She pinpointed numerous food sensitivities, gave me guidance, knowledge & resources, and guided me through a life-changing experience.

Within months on her program, I was able to stop taking Prednisone, in consultation with and a recommendation of my doctor, without any re-occurrence of colitis symptoms. The biggest surprise (as a result of my new food options) was easily losing 50 pounds.

My quality of life is now “outstanding”. I wish I had found Teri 18 years ago!

Sue C.

Potomac Falls