The weather is nuts here on the East coast. Last week, it was close to ZERO and snowing, and a couple days ago, it was 65 degrees…  The temperature fluctuations tax our immunity and aid the spread of the flu virus. The extra moisture from the rain and snow combine with the warmer temperature to spread mold, yet another factor our body must deal with. During the colder months, our health feels the effects of a weakened immune system. Stuffy noses, coughs, watery eyes, painful ears – possibly morphing into a full-blown illness like the flu or pneumonia. The emergency rooms and doctor’s offices fill up with people seeking relief from these seasonal maladies.

To prevent being one of this year’s flu statistics, it is super important that each one of us take extra care during the winter months. Eat a clean, Wildatarian® diet. Forego sugar, refined and processed foods. Reduce cow dairy and gluten. Get enough sleep – every hour of lost sleep lowers your immunity. Manage stress the best you can – whether it’s meditation, a hobby you love or appropriate exercise. Wash your hands often – try to avoid antibacterial soaps with triclosan and use a natural option like this instead.

To help immunity, many people turn to supplements such as Vitamin C and Zinc. This year, I really encourage you to use my own brand of Teri Cochrane IMMUNE-MOVER as a daily basic multi-tasker to support your body in fighting pathogens and upregulating immune function. IMMUNE-MOVER is part of my own line of carefully formulated supplements combining ingredients powerful enough on their own and at the same time, having enhanced efficacy through the synergistic combination with others in the formula. I take one capsule daily and when the flu tried to grab me earlier this week, I boosted my daily dose to 2 capsules 3 times per day. Twenty-four hours later, I was coming back from this nasty virus! As a matter of fact, I recently recommended the same to one of my clients – a 14-year-old male. I just received an email from his mom stating “he was pretty much better right away minus the fatigue.” I LOVE MY IMMUNE MOVER AND SO DO MANY OF MY CLIENTS!

This formula combines 11 botanicals – those that have been proven in clinical research to facilitate a balanced gut biome and fortify the immune system response. This formula can aid the body in many of the functions it needs to do. IMMUNE-MOVER is gentle yet still effective and powerful.   Hundreds of clients in my clinical practice have already experienced the profound benefits of this formula, especially during the winter months.

During the flu season, I suggest 1 capsule 3/day as a maintenance dose for adults. If you feel yourself getting sick, increase the dose to 2 capsules 3/day for 5 days.

For children 6 and over, 1 capsule daily is a good maintenance dose. Go up to 1 capsule 2/day for 5 days if the child is getting sick.


Don’t be a flu statistic this year. Eat well, sleep, manage stress, move, and protect yourself with this powerful and effective supplement – my IMMUNE MOVER! Here’s to a healthy winter in 2019!

To the Tru of You™,

Teri Cochrane


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