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I have had high blood pressure and digestive problems since starting college.

I always thought it was the norm to have severe stomach aches after eating and not feel 100% everyday at baseball practice. I suffered through 8 years of this, went on two different medications for my blood pressure and saw no results. It was not until I sat down with Teri Cochrane and found out my problem was not my body but what I was putting in my body. I had a gluten and animal protein intolerance. I no longer take my blood pressure medicine. With this food plan and approach, my blood pressure is now normal without taking drugs. My stomach aches only occur when I break from my food plan. I have never felt so good from morning to night like I have since going on her food plan. I now run half iron-mans and her diet has aided in my success. I now feel stronger during my workouts and never have that sick feeling in my stomach when I go for a run after eating. I would no doubt recommend anybody to go and see Teri because she has changed my life for the better.

Burke, VA




Being diagnosed with a yeast overgrowth necessitated the need for me to totally change my way of eating if I was to get better.

Teri is a very gifted and intelligent nutritionist who has completely changed my life.  Her recipes have opened my eyes to a whole new way of cooking.  Not only are her meals quick, easy, and healthy…they are delicious!  My entire family loves them.  Thanks to Teri, I am on my “healing path” and loving the journey!

C. J




“After leaving my first appointment with Teri I thought I to myself “what the heck am I going to eat?”

I’m definitely one of those people who enjoys food! I love pasta, cheeseburgers and anything made of sugar.  So as motivated as I was to change my diet, a part of me was worried that I would live a boring life eating boring food.  But as I dove into Teri’s recipes I realized that I didn’t have to deprive myself!  I could make her recipes and continue to enjoy food! Some of my favorites are the avocado, mango & cilantro salad, the banana quinoa muffins, the green vegetable soup and the turkey chili.  I have found all of her recipes to be not only delicious but energy packed!





It can be extremely overwhelming to change your diet and make a commitment for a healthier lifestyle.

When I was told to do so for health reasons, I wasn’t sure where to begin.  Teri’s guidance and recipes were immensely helpful.  Even my children enjoy the meals. Two or our favorites are Turkey Chili and Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

R. B.




Before I met Teri my life was filled with frustration and especially because I didn’t feel good from the inside.

I was trying to lose weight, control losing my hair and just my mood swings. I felt like I was battling myself to keep myself feeling good. I didn’t know the choices of food we eat can make a difference in the way we feel as well. When I met Teri I discovered I had Gluten intolerance, and allergies to several other foods I never knew before. I then followed her recommendations for new foods and supplements. She gave us wonderful recipes that were very easy to follow as well. Of Course being an Indian we love spicy food so we did make small alterations to fit our taste; but the recipes were just wonderful. I never use to eat fish until I made Teri’s Tilapia recipe. I fell in love with it and things like Quinoa which I never knew existed. She made a big difference in my life and after seeing a change in me, I brought my husband to her as well. He has improved so much over 1 month it’s just unbelievable. He use to suffer from migraine attacks all the time and it was taking over our life. He hasn’t had a migraine over 2 months now. He started to put on weight which was also remarkable for someone who has been underweight for a very long time.

My husband and I just want to say: Thank you so much

When I started working with Teri I was suffering from migraines, chronic sinus infections and Asthma. I was also dealing with early hot flashes, PMS and was 30 pounds overweight. I was training for a half marathon and dealing with extensive muscle pain every time I ran and was really frustrated with training. I tried a lot of things on my own but the muscle cramping never let up, I was ready to just walk the race. My doctor did blood work and I tested positive for an auto immune disease, she suspected food allergies. So I went to Teri to work on my diet.

Teri put me onto what she called “dietary boot camp “and recommended some supplements to help oxygenate my blood. She also worked with me on meditation techniques. As I started the program she supported me patiently answering all of my questions.

The program was fairly simple to follow and very easy to adjust to. Yes I had to give up some common foods, but the results were so worth it. I started the diet on a Monday, the following Sat we were doing 10 miles in training. I fast walked the full 10 miles with NO PAIN. I was in shock, the following week I went for a training run. I decided to try running instead of walking. I chose a hilly 3 mile route and went on my way. For the first time ever I RAN pain free!! I was so happy to be running, I also ran it in less time then I had done for the whole training season and I ran with a big grin on my face. I started to notice that my mind was feeling clearer, I was happier. I realized that I had been depressed and hadn’t even been aware of it.

After just over a month I had lost 12 pounds, I was able to run up to 8 miles without pain. I no longer needed my inhaler to get through a run and was off of all of my Asthma medications. The shape of my body was totally different; I looked like I had lost a lot more weight. My energy level was incredible and my mood was stable. Hot flashes were gone and PMS was greatly improved.

I am now confident and looking forward to the half marathon. I am sure I will finish the race and finish it strong and pain free. Teri has given me the tools and support to manage my own health. I know this is just the beginning as I will continue to work with her and get stronger and healthier.





It’s been a while (thanks to Teri Cochrane) since my wife and I have seen her in person. This is primarily due to the EXCELLENT results my wife has obtained after Teri discovered her Gluten intolerance, AND her allergies to several foods we never knew before. We then followed her recommendations for new foods and supplements . These were highly successful recommendations. My wife has continued to adhere to Teri’s advice over the last year, and she now feels wonderful! She used to just barely get through the day.

We both just wanted to say: “Thanks again!”

D &D. B
Fairfax VA




In January 1990 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Over the course of 18 years I was hospitalized 5 times and spent long periods of time on Prednisone. In addition to coming to terms with my chronic medical condition, my life was also severely impacted by the physical and mental side effects of taking the steroids. My quality of life was “tolerable” … some days better, some days worse.

In 2008 I was introduced to Teri Cochrane and my life was dramatically changed. She pinpointed numerous food allergies and food sensitivities, gave me guidance, knowledge & resources, and guided me through a life-changing experience.

Within months on her program, I was able to stop taking Prednisone without any re-occurrence of colitis symptoms. The biggest surprise (as a result of my new food options) was easily losing 50 pounds.

My quality of life is now “outstanding”. I wish I had found Teri 18 years ago!

Sue C.,
Potomac Falls




Teri Cochrane has touched my life in a way that I am not sure I can express adequately with words.

All I know is that I am, and will always be grateful to her for enlightening me physically, mentally and spiritually. Teri is so gifted ..I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, knowledge, empathetic nature, and warmth. She took a harried mom with two asthmatic young children, calmed her, re-assured her and made her feel able to cope. My seven year old son took to her immediately and happily adapted his diet to please “Mrs. Cochrane!” We needed answers..she showed us the way! I needed coping mechanisms, she explained them to me. I needed to be heard, she listened! Teri worked with us on many levels that far surpassed any of my previous medical care, not to mention my expectations.

Now meet a woman who feels more in control, healthier, calmer….STRONGER! My family has benefited from her help in so many ways. Thank you Teri. you really and truly are a blessing.

Reston, VA




My experience with Teri Cochrane and Healing Paths has been one of the best roads my life has taken.

I have been a client for over one year and have made major strides in my overall health and well being. Teri is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful experts in her field and I have recommended her and her organization to several of my friends and co-workers. Teri has gone a very long way out of her way to help on all levels. I wish to someday give back to her what she has given to me.”

J. C.
Hamilton, VA




Working closely with Teri, I have been able to successfully maintain a healthy diet.

She helped me make better choices about what to eat, and the results speak for themselves. After four short months, my cholesterol is down 67 points, my triglycerides are down 201 points and I lost 10 pounds. It’s amazing the impact you can have just by eating right.

B. W.
Reston, VA




 I recently saw my doctor for a routine checkup.

I was shocked and unprepared when he called a few days later to say “You have diabetes.” He told me to “Lose weight, control what you eat and exercise.” Unsure of how to accomplish all this, I was referred to Teri Cochrane. Teri looked at my lab results and created a plan to balance my PH levels, a weekly menu plan to support my condition and a gentle exercise plan along with recommended supplements. Teri made it comfortable for me to open up and ask questions. After four months, my lab results are almost flawless: my glucose level is normal, my cholesterol level dropped 60 points and my blood pressure is normal for the first time in years. Also, I’ve lost over 40 pounds. My doctor was amazed and asked me how I accomplished all this. I simply gave him Teri’s business card.

T. M.
Leesburg, VA




 When you are ready for answers; when you are ready to take an active role in your well being; you are ready for healing at Healing Paths.

My 11-year-old daughter’s health was comprised on many levels: asthma, glucose problems, dizziness, and fatigue. Carefree childhood was slipping away. The school office called every day for me to pick her up. Teri patiently worked with us on all of our medical issues. Teri takes the time to address and treat the cause, not just the symptoms, of a medical issue-a refreshing phenomenon from our “drive by” medical practices. Our whole family has benefited from working with Teri. My daughter is now free of her asthma medications. Now the only time I hear from the office is when they tell me how healthy she looks. We have also lowered our liver enzymes and cholesterol levels. Our Doctors expected none of these results. Teri’s extensive knowledge of the body’s systems and how to support them to attain maximum health, her experience and intuitiveness set her apart from others in the healing fields. It is a rare and empowering gift.

D. M.
Reston VA




I wanted to share my story in hopes that others might find it helpful and inspiring.

After eighteen months of being diagnosed with Hepatitis B, which became chronic, I am now cured. My Doctor was a great help, as were the drugs he prescribed, but I consider the biggest factor in my recovery to be my nutritional changes. Along the way I lost 60 pounds and I have now eliminated a number of risk factors from my life, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. I am healthier now than before being diagnosed with Hepatitis B. If it had not been for Teri’s great advice and support throughout my illness, I honestly don’t think I would have made such great progress. The Hepatitis seems like a distant memory now. I have gained a lot from my illness and look forward to keeping up with my new routine for many years to come. I am so thankful that Teri Cochrane was there when I needed here…I could not have done it without her”.

E. M.
Washington, D.C.




 The moment I met Teri, her warmth and positive energy made me instantly comfortable.

She asked all the right questions and actually listened to me! I had been to many doctors about my stomach pains and asked them if a change in my diet could improve my condition. They scoffed at this statement and prescribed more antibiotics. After about a year and a half of antibiotics and doctors who didn’t listen to me, my friend recommended that I go to her nutritionist. Teri was able to completely heal my stomach in about 2 months and improve my overall health for the rest of my life. Her ability to use holistic methods to improve a person’s complete well being is amazing. I have referred many of my friends to her and I am so thankful that I am feeling better thanks to Teri!

A. G.
Alexandria, VA




Trust is an important factor when looking for someone to work with.

When I met Teri I knew she was the right person for me. The work we are doing together has changed my life. I am forever grateful.

Great Falls, VA




Teri’s intuitive gifts and energy work guided my children and I through a process beyond traditional medicine.

During the darkest time in our lives Teri’s work on both a spiritual and metaphysical level allowed my children to recognize the courage and gifts they carried within, and allowed me to see more clearly my strengths on the healing path my heart must journey.

Thank you Teri for your infinite wisdom, intuition, patience, and gift of healing.

S. M.
Oak Hill, VA




I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in late Oct 2007.

My blood sugar level and A1C heloblobin were extremely high. Instead of obtaining treatment through medication, I elected to see nutritionist, Teri Cochrane. Teri helped me to choose the right foods, recommended a supplement to lower my blood sugar level and suggested that I increase my exercise routine.

Within two months, the results were phenomenal! My blood sugar level and A1C hemoglobin are normal, and I feel so much more energetic!

Thank you Teri for teaching me how to eat better and to live a healthier life.

Burke, VA




I have suffered for many years with digestive disorders – first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and then Crohn’s disease.

I lost control of my health along the way, but Teri came into my life and helped show me the path to wellness. Through muscle testing we found the weakness of my body and the foods that were disruptive to my system. She designed a nutritional plan and provided the right supplements to strengthen, energize and relieve my symptoms. She listened carefully to how I was feeling as a person and she provided affirmations that fed my spirit. She gave me the tools to feel in control of my life and well being again. I celebrated my journey back to health by flying a kite. As I watched it rise high in the sky, I recognized it symbolized my life now and how I am soaring in health and wellness of my mind, body and spirit.

Fairfax, VA




I saw Teri when my son, Jack, was two and a half months old. Jack was nursing, and he would occasionally strain as though he was experiencing tummy trouble and he had a red splotches on his skin. Teri encouraged me to eliminate cow’s milk and wheat products from my diet. It worked! Jack has been much more content and his skin cleared right up. I credit Teri with helping to ensure that our baby’s first year of life is a happy, healthy one!”

K. M.
Alexandria, VA




After my initial appointment with Teri and getting started on supportive adrenal supplements, I notice within 3 days a significant rise in energy levels, an increase in daily stamina, and an overall feeling of well being that replaced tension and stress. It was amazing especially since I’ve tried numerous avenues to get my health back over the past 4 years. What a blessing!

L. L.
Sterling, V.A.




I want to thank you for all that you have done for me with nutrition help.

Because of your suggestions, I have changed my diet to severely limit things that have been my staples: bread, coffee, dairy, and wine. The change is remarkable; I feel better sleep better, and generally have better digestion. The changes were not hard to make, thanks to your recommendations of substitutions. The muscle test, and just knowing what my body wants, make sense and really work.

Thanks again for your care and support. I am heeding this diet in Dubai, to the best of my ability, and things are going very well for me.

C. B.
Mclean, VA




With Teri’s wisdom and guidance, I feel healthy in a way I haven’t felt for 20 years.

I actually may have never felt this healthy before. Working with her has helped me fix problems in my diet and in the way I live that conventional medicine glossed right over for years. Every time I see her, I am reassured and strengthened not only physically but emotionally and
spiritually. Teri is amazing.

M. H.
Washington D.C.