Below is another recent testimonial. This client had several symptoms yet  no medical  tests revealed that there were imbalances. We discerned fat mal-absorption, gluten and sugar sensitivity. Here is the result:

“I am so grateful that Teri was able to help me. For years I suffered with stomach issues. The doctors did many tests but found nothing. I started to doubt myself. Teri recommended changes in my diet and several supplements. I felt much better after just a few weeks. It has been a year now and I still feel great. I eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet which has made a world of difference – no more bloat, no more tummy aches.

Teri recommended some tasty gluten free products and a list of where I can find them in our area. I use her recipes and my family is delighted with the new menu choices.

Thank you, Teri!”


Jo Ann Skinner, ACAC

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