The poem below fills my heart.  I hope it will do the same for you.

The Left Life

I laid there in the quiet of night,
And under the soft light of a star
And heard a nice swallow in flight
That flew past myself and to the right
To places I knew not of, afar

Then I thought of my place on the hill
My apparently safe, familiar home
For there were no animals that could kill
Though now it lacked the luster and thrill
Of the world beyond, the greater unknown

My life here was good, comfortable, kind,
But a call from the blackness pulled me away
Towards a greater life filled with things left to find;
The wonders to which I was previously blind
And so I stood and walked towards the day

Now I think about the time I left
And tell those I have seen come and go
That I took the chance— and down in my breast
Is the gratitude for a life truly blessed
That began that night so long ago.

Author – Anonymous

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