Looking for gift ideas? I’ve got you. 

When it comes to gift-giving, I like to ensure that my purchase matches the personality of the person I’m buying for, but also my standards as a consumer. This means clean, green products that are sustainably sourced, non-toxic for the body, and that come from the heart. 

Here’s my quick list for this year’s holiday season:

Orchid + Ash Candles : Truly non-toxic candles can be a tough find, but Orchid + Ash make it easy. Their handmade coconut wax candles smell and look amazing and burn clean, right down to the paraffin-free, hemp wick! Lemon & Shea, anyone?

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee : Four Sigmatic is a brand I love – from their calming Reishi blends to their stimulating Chaga and Lion’s Mane brew, this is one of the rare coffee alternatives that I can get behind. Perfect for the coffee lover in your life – use my discount code WILD15 at checkout for 10% off your order – link in bio!

G.Tox Dry Brush : A personal favorite made by wellness-industry leader Goop, the G.Tox Dry Brush is designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation and energize the skin. Made from wood and biodegradable sisal, this brush is luxurious, eco-friendly and belongs in your bathroom.  (I like to use a dry brush right before a relaxing bath! )

Nutribullet 800W Juicer :  This is a great starter  juicer  for those just getting into juicing and economical. I juice daily and can’t imagine my life without clean,  green juice every day! This is a great gift for someone who’s looking to invest in their health & needs a place to start.

Teri Cochrane Brand Supplements : My trio of personally formulated supplements, Immune Mover, Stress Mover, and Wild-Lytes, are the perfect pillars for whole-body health – and they’re all on sale this December! Enjoy 20% off my entire supplement range through Dec. 31st – there’s something for everyone!

The Five Minute Journal : A gratitude journal can help us seek and serve our highest selves. The Five Minute Journal encourages writers to record 5 minutes of thought morning and night – perfect for setting intentions and checking in when the day is done.  

Air Doctor : It may seem unconventional, but as we spend more and more time indoors this winter, a thorough & reliable air filtration system can do a body good! Air Doctor is the only brand I trust with the air quality of my home and office – this system filters out everything from mold and pollen to toxic ozone & volatile chemicals. Be sure to use my link for a HUGE $300 discount! : https://www.airdoctorpro.com/teri/?redirect=teri

To The Tru of You, 

Teri Cochrane

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