In our practice we use muscle testing as one of the very important basis by which we come to a recommendation for our clients.

We have developed a proprietary method for muscle testing that we believe gets to the root of the root.

Our clients often ask us how this muscle testing works and if it is really just placebo.  Well, now we have proof for this subtle method of discerning what may be happening in the body.

Our summary is a little scientific so bear with us, but it gives a clear and definitive explanation for it.  Happy reading!

Nobel-Prize winning biologist Luc Montagnier carried out research reported in January of 2011 which proves he was able to ‘“transmit” the signature of DNA into pure water, and that electromagnetic imprint of the DNA molecule was able to be independently detected afterwards. This is scientific evidence that proves the validity of muscle testing.

How is this possible? 

All living things have an electromagnetic field, a signature or fingerprint of life that is unique to itself. Certain materials which are inanimate, such as crystals like quartz or silica, or metals such as copper have conductive properties; meaning they can carry energy and information through them. This is why electrical wires in our homes and gadgetry are made of copper, to conduct electrical energy into our homes. Our brains are also conductive, as are our whole bodies. Humans have a central nervous system that runs through our tissues, as well as fluids like blood and lymphatic fluids that carry not just chemical and electrical information, but also electromagnetic information. Muscle testing uses this principal to allow us to “see” inside the body and perceive what is happening, much like the way an MRI uses functional magnetic resonance to do the same. This is why in our practice we have coined the phrase “MRI in the wild” to describe our muscle testing techniques.

When we utilize muscle testing as a tool of perception and information gathering in our practice, so that we become more conversant with the body. In essence, we are using one of the body’s languages to communicate with us. Thus, allowing us to “see” inside the body. When you turn a light switch on, you are using one conductive substance to carry energy from one point to its receiver. Similarly, when you take a supplement or a drug, or simply eat a food; you are transmitting chemical information from one substance into another receiver: your body. You have now created a path for other chemical reactions to ensue.

Physics tells us that we exist in a quantum universe, We are all united by the principles that order the universe, as well as the forces that act within it, including electrical energetic transfer, or electromagnetism. This conclusion is quantum coherence.

Muscle testing works BECAUSE IT IS the physical reality of this conclusion.

Montagnier’s method is the same one by which muscle testing vials are imprinted with a magnified electromagnetic signature of a substance or metabolic pathway for use in applied kinesiology or muscle testing practices like ours. We stand behind its validity, not just because we have the science that shows us how it works, but because we have seen the direct result of bio-individualized food and supplement plans, which are created using this method. Energy and informational medicine is an ever-growing field and can only be expected to continue so as new discoveries are being made frequently. We are excited to be learning more about how we can use it to benefit our clients and bring us all into vibrant, vibrational health.

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  • You mentioned the theory behind muscle testing but did not site any experimental evidence in your explanation. Can you give me a couple of references from experimental studies that proves that muscle testing actually works?


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