…before taking their advice.

I recently saw a client who had updated labs done. When he started working with me his triglycerides were 660 (not a typo), HDL was 34. After 9 months his triglycerides are down 476 points!

His HDL went up by over 20 points. The HDL is the good cholesterol as it breaks down the bad cholesterol. Because total cholesterol includes HDL and LDL his doctor’s only remarks (typed on his labs) were that his total number had gone up. He did not address the dramatic reduction in triglycerides. The doctor also failed to address his blood glucose dropping to with-in range levels and that his liver enzymes were normal which had been elevated on the prior lab results.

We need to advocate for ourselves. The updated cholesterol numbers were actually greatly improved as were his other markers. Have your doctor read through the labs carefully with you and compare them to the last results, then ask questions! I am not anti-doctor…in fact I work with some of the best doctors in the Metro DC area, but not all doctors are created equal.




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