I took most of the month of August off to embark on other adventures. My last week was spent being a “house mom” for over a dozen University of Virgina young men. This was a rehearsal week for their A Capella group, The Academical Village People (AVP). As a house mom I fed them a total of 190 meals. At first I was daunted by the task, but in the end it proved to be relatively easy. My biggest surprise is that by the end of the week, these young men were using avocado on their whole grain bread, drinking green juice made with kale, broccoli, celery, ginger, pear. Putting apple cider vinegar in the water they were drinking. They were grateful for the food that had been prepared and how much they had learned in the process, not only about how to be harmonious music makers, but how to be better in harmony with the food they put in their bodies. Some of them were taking note of the juices, the green stuff, the food I had prepared and asked for recipes. What a week well spent I had! BE the ripple in the pond

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