We lost a dear friend this weekend.  She was in her 100th year of life on this planet.   Our dear grand lady had become a confidant and friend from our church. My daughter was  “her little princess” as she called her.   Over this past year,  her health suffered, she stopped taking many visitors.  IT was not as easy to call her as my day started before hers and ended after she was in bed.  Nonetheless, I let the days, weeks, and months slip away without reaching out to her.  I would always say, I will do it tomorrow.   Well, there will be no more tomorrows to let this wonderful woman know that we were thinking about her.   This is a  hard life lesson learned.  Make the most of time, even if it is not easy to reach out to someone, write them a letter, send them a photo, send them flowers. Let them know they are valued and loved.

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