As a nutritional counselor and integrative practitioner, most of my reflection happens in order to get to the root of a problem:

“How long have you been feeling that way?”

“What life event happened before the symptoms appeared?”

“Was there an illness or injury that precipitated the beginning of your ill-health?”

“Walk me through what a typical day of eating and living looks like for you.”

This is one of the many parts of my career that I truly love, because I get to play “detective” and come up with solutions that have the power to change lives for the better. I graduate my clients who, as a result of a commitment to learning about how their bodies function and making healthy choices, are now feeling and living well.

And what I love even more than playing “detective” is having the opportunity to reflect on the journey—because it’s through reflection when we learn from and appreciate experiences.

As I spend time relaxing with my family this week, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on 2017. I feel so thankful for my clients who’ve given me the incredible honor of being trusted with rebalancing their bodies and accompanying them on their journey toward wholeness.

I am also thankful for my colleagues, both in my practice and beyond, who share my passion for helping others live their best life.

As you enjoy what’s left of 2017 and gear up for 2018, I invite you to join me in my reflection by checking out some of my favorite podcast interviews linked below. I hope that listening to these will inspire you to make 2018 the best year yet!

  1. Ask Dr. Nandi with Teri Cochrane

    Partha Nandi, MD

    Dr. Partha Nandi and Teri Cochrane

    The body is an amazing thing. No two are alike, and it’s intelligent and responsive. I spoke with Dr. Nandi and his Facebook followers about our bio-individuality, which basically means that we’re all different, and how understanding and acting on this can impact our health and determine how we go about achieving and maintaining balance.

    Click here to watch >>

  2. The Thyroid Secret – 9 Episodes

    Hosted by Izabella Wentz

    The Thyroid Secret

    Learn more about this docuseries.

  3. Bio-Individuality and Quantum Biology

    The Soul Frequency Show (podcast), Be Well Live (FB Live)
    Shana Ekedal

    Bio-individuality and quantum biology

    One of the core beliefs that guides my practice is that we are all bio-individual, which also means that we all have our own unique needs—requiring a customized approach to each and every client. Shana and I spoke about this but also addressed energy in the human body and how it contributes to our health.

    Listen to the interview >>

  4.  Nutrigenomics: How Food Affects Our Genetics

    Brian M. Henry

    One of the areas that drives my individually customized (aka “bio-individual”) approach to my practice is nutrigenomics, which is the science of how food interacts with genes in our bodies. Our genetics affect our health, and our health behaviors affect our genetics—but it’s important to recognize that our genes are our potential, not our destiny. I spoke with Bryan about how our diet and lifestyle impact our genome every day and how my Wildatarian approach helps to mitigate the possibly harmful effects of some of our choices.

    Watch or listen to the interview >>

  5. What Is A Wildatarian Approach For Healthy Thyroid Function

    Thyroid Nation
    Danna Bowman & Tiffany Mladinich

    Thyroid Talk Radio

    I enjoyed a very personal conversation with Danna, the founder of Thyroid Nation, and her co-host, Tiffany. This was an extremely open conversation—I shared what inspired me to do this work and found that Danna could relate to my story in a very personal way. We agreed that while there’s no single right diet or health food for everyone, the Wildatarian lifestyle with its bio-individual approach to nutrition can actually supports all dietary needs.

    Listen to the interview  >>

  6. A Wild Approach to Functional Epigenetics

    Get Real! Masterclass
    Laura Newby

    Interview with Lauren Newby

    I know it sounds wild, but nothing is impossible. In this interview, I shared with Laura that I thrive when working with clients for whom I am their “last stop”—those who have been told by a healthcare professional to learn to live with their condition and in many cases, expect it to get worse. Following the Wildatarian lifestyle allows you to positively influence your genetics and bring your body back into balance for optimal health.

    Listen to the interview >>

  7. Epstein Barr Virus and Wildatarian Eating

    Women’s Wellness Collaborative
    Bridgit Danner

    Women's Wellness

    During this appearance, I spoke with Bridgit Danner about the interplay between the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and chronic illness and how our dietary choices and stress-handling mechanisms affect this dynamic. We discussed how the Wildatarian diet can support our health, but it is never the only thing we need to change…

    Listen to the interview >>

  8. Bone Density Supplement Safety & Osteoporosis

    Flipping 50
    Debra Atkinson

    Bone health

    When we think about bone health, we often think of vitamin D, calcium supplementation and exercise. I spoke with Debra Atkinson about how other lifestyle choices contribute to bone health, specifically addressing the area of nutrition.

    Listen to the interview >>


Enjoy listening and get ready—things are about to get WILD in 2018. Are you ready?

Teri Cochrane

About the Author:

Teri received her bachelor of science from the University of Florida, and is an integrative practitioner and CCP (certified coach practitioner). She holds certifications and extensive experience in holistic medicinal practices.


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