I have been undertaking a tremendous amount of research regarding PCOS lately.   This has become an epidemic in young women.   I expect to see over summer break, as I do every year at this time,  an onslaught of college-aged women complaining of PCOS symptoms.  The standard allopathic  protocol is to be put on birth control and Metformin.  We know this does not work  and in most cases can exacerbate symptoms.

In my research I have found a ground breaking supplement ( natural b- vitamin source) that has clinical evidence in restoring ovulation, reducing androgens, and managing insulin levels. All hallmark issues in PCOS.      D-chiro-inositol and myo-inositol.  Studies in women with PCOS show that insoitol deficiency may be important in insulin sensitive tissues and altered metabolism  of insulin.  A study conducted in Italy with 50 PCOS women who took myo-inositol for three months, found that plasma LH, testosterone, free testosterone and insulin were significantly reduced.  In 6 months of taking myo-inositol, both hirsutism and acne decreased. The researchers concluded, “MYO inositol administration is a simple and safe treatment that ameliorates the metabolic profile of patients with PCOS, reducing hirsutism and acne.”

This is ground breaking.  This type of management along with healing the gut to prevent pathogens from recirculating estrogens may be a watershed approach.


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