I was recently struck about how I felt to be in Orlando a few weeks back. My day was ordinary. I was staying with a friend. I did much the same as I would do in my regular mornings on a weekend; breakfast, workout, sitting on the back porch, dinner out. Yet I felt completely in “vacation mode”. Everything was new and beautiful and joyful.

Coming home I realized that I had shifted my paradigm while I was away which allowed me to appreciate my environment and what I was doing. This week I am striving to bring my vacation mentality into my everyday life. Really living out a joyful experience in what I do every day, in essence bringing vacation mode into everyday living. Yes, there is work and there are obligations, but if we shift our thinking when we stop to get that cup of coffee or tea and pretend we are somewhere else then eventually it will be habitual to be in this state.

Food for thought.

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