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Our Team

At Teri Cochrane - Beyond Nutrition, our team is dedicated to achieving a quality of care that exceeds your expectations and helps you become the best you can be.

Our Practicioners

Teri Cochrane


If my life has taught me one thing, it is that the student may one day be the teacher. My journey started when my children’s health crises demanded a more integrated approach than what Western medicine alone could offer. My response became my life’s work: The Cochrane Method®, which integrates a multi-level nutritional approach, including biochemistry, kinesiology, epigenetics and clinical observation to develop individualized health plans for my clients, with thousands of life-changing successes.

A specialist in complex health conditions and athletic performance, I serve as an integrative health care practitioner to elite athletes and those seeking hope in the face of health tribulations, providing expertise in a number of areas, including autoimmunity, longevity and fertility. My methodology has developed over 15 years at the intersection of holistic health and scientific research, with nutritional and genomic insights that have transformed the health of thousands of clients and are positioned to impact the world at scale.


Dr. Carla Montrond-Correia


Carla is a Naturopathic Doctor who believes that integrative care is the key to wellness. Growing up, Carla was constantly reminded that the greatest wealth is health. Through her years of education and clinical experience, she has witnessed firsthand how nutrition is a vital component of health. She believes in Hippocrates’ wise words: food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food. Food choices can either bring you closer to health or closer to disease. Her passion is serving as a guide and mentor in each person’s unique journey to their best health.

Dr. Carla is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, trained in nutrition, lifestyle counseling, biochemical individuality, mind-body wellness, botanical medicine, genomics, and stress management. In addition to her Naturopathic Degree, Carla has an extensive educational background including a Master of Science in Physiology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Saint Joseph. In her spare time, she loves painting, yoga, running, trying new recipes, and staying up to date with research. Carla is trained in The Cochrane Method®.

Our Staff

Julie Howard


Julie joined the practice in March 2019 after leaving a 22-year career in Operations at a large PR firm in DC. With an opportunity to switch gears (and cut her commute time by 75 percent), she decided to work in an industry she’s passionate about with someone who’s at the top of her game in the field. Julie was a client of Teri’s in 2009 working through digestive issues that were quickly alleviated after adopting the gluten free, Wildatarian lifestyle she leads today.

Julie warms the office with her contagious laugh and dedication to ensuring that each client is well supported by our team. She’s a firm believer that almost any ailment can be healed through food and education and learns from her coworkers and clients every day.

Mary Murray


Mary Murray graduated from James Madison University in 1985 and pursued a career in banking. After her third child was born, Mary was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started researching using nutrition as a way to be symptom free vs. taking pharmaceutical drugs. She has been symptom free for over 20 years after a complete diet change.

Mary became a client of Teri’s and in 2013 started working as Teri’s office manager. Today she is in charge of inventory and other office duties when needed. Mary strongly believes in the work that Teri does and the power of the human body to heal given the right tools.

Emily Yaremchuk


A natural writer and a whole-food lover, Emily Yaremchuk graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English and anthropology, with high distinction. In 2018, she earned her MFA in creative writing at Boston University, where she taught an undergraduate English course.

Emily loves keeping up with trends in the wellness space and the demands of a fast-paced holistic practice. Her passions and expertise span social media management, branding, and writing keen & creative copy for the Teri Cochrane team.

Amir Gomez


Amir graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science with a concentration in exercise science. He joined the Beyond Nutrition team in January 2021 as a student intern interested in learning more about holistic wellness. The transformations he has observed during his time at the practice have inspired him to pursue his newfound interest in functional nutrition.

In clinical practice, Amir enjoys helping clients find bio-individual plans that best fit their needs and lifestyle. In his free time, Amir loves to learn about the latest and greatest in technology (he’s the office go-to for troubleshooting!), work out and make music.

Mandy Brown


Mandy Brown received her Bachelor of Science from James Madison University in 2021, where she studied health sciences and biology. She currently works as a nutritional associate and clinical researcher for our holistic practice.

Passionate about researching epigenetics and biological processes of the human body, Mandy enjoys applying clinical findings to The Cochrane Method®. She is a strong believer in bio-individual, holistic care as a way to achieve optimal wellness for every client. In her free time, she enjoys listening to health and wellness podcasts, doing various forms of puzzles including crosswords and escape rooms, and, of course, staying hydrated with Wild-Lytes.