I am proud to introduce to you our highly qualified team.

We are so honored to have the following individuals working together to help you be the best you can be. I invite you to click each person’s individual page to read more about their specific specialties and credentials.


If my life journey has taught one thing, it is that the student may one day become the teacher. I have dedicated the last eighteen years of my life to seeking health solutions—first within my own family and later with clients in my private practice. I did not set out to become a nutritional counselor or an integrative practitioner. I followed a typical path: I went to college and became a banker then portfolio risk manager. But life had something else in store for me. My son’s illness at a young age forced me to start looking at lifestyle and nutrition. Once I got started, I could not stop. My analytical mind made connections and compelled me to continue studying. Years later my daughter became life-threateningly ill from misdiagnoses and poor medical care.


Carla is a Naturopathic Doctor that joined our team because she believes integrative care is the key to wellness. Growing up, Carla was constantly reminded that the greatest wealth is health. Through her years of education and clinical experience she witnessed firsthand that nutrition is a huge component of health. She believes in Hippocrates’ wise words that food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food. Food choices either bring you closer to health or closer to disease. As a result, her passion is serving as a mentor in each person’s unique journey to their best health.

She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, trained in nutrition, lifestyle counseling, biochemical individuality, mind-body wellness, botanical medicine, genomics, and stress management. In addition to her Naturopathic Degree, Carla has an extensive educational background including a Master of Science in Physiology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Saint Joseph. In her spare time, she loves painting, yoga, running, trying new recipes, and staying up to date with research. Carla has been fully trained by Teri on The Cochrane Method, deepening her knowledge of the way we look at the body in health and disease.


Ashley James’s journey to help others began with her own medical illness that started at age twelve. Ashley later met Teri while desperate to find answers to her long-term health problems. Having the journey she had before meeting Teri is what gives her the patience and understanding while working every day. Being able to spread hope and knowing there is a reason and there is a better way of living is why she is passionate about her job and education. Ashley is currently studying holistic nutrition at Huntington’s college of health sciences to achieve her board certification and bachelors in integrative health. She is specializing in Pregnancy, Pediatric & Adolescent Nutrition as well as herbal medicine. A goal of Ashley’s is to allow a journey of peace and healing that others were told was not possible.


Mary Murray graduated from James Madison University in 1985 and pursued a career in banking. After her third child was born, Mary was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started researching using nutrition as a way to be symptom free vs. taking pharmaceutical drugs. She has been symptom free for over 20 years after a complete diet change. Mary became a client of Teri’s and in 2013 started working as Teri’s office manager. Today she is in charge of inventory and other office duties when needed. Mary strongly believes in the work that Teri does and the power of the human body to heal given the right tools.