The following is an excerpt from an email sent to me by one of my clients.

“96 hours sugar free, raw green leafy veggied up (like spinach, kale, romaine, arugula, and chard) flaxseeded, white onions, white beans, black beans, black eyed peas, avocado, red onion (which I have to cook because otherwise it hurts my chest), and yesterday I made the best butternut squash soup-which I always make but this time I threw in bok choy and spinach at the end the results of which were fantastic though my dad said, “I am not sure I like these leaves,” but my son said, “bok choy makes everything better.” ??! AND which allowed me to make green apple and bok choy juice (because I just used the leafy part for the soup which left me all that white hard part that tastes good but which would not be the right texture for my soup) and that juice was…unreal in freshness and wonderment. I gave some of that to my dad and he said, “I know what it is! Kiwi and lemon!” And I said, “No, bok choy and apple.” And he said, “BOK CHOY?!! IN JUICE??!” And I said, “Yes, bok choy in juice.”

And okay so what did I say? 96 hours of this. Ninety six HOURS, and the rashes on my face are all gone, the one on my left arm that you’ve seen that always flares up when I eat poorly is no longer itchy and flatter and not inflamed, the bloat is all gone, my skin is glowing, my sugar craving is gone, I am sleeping better and waking rested and feeling powerful, energetic and beautiful. I don’t know if I am losing weight because I refuse to get on a scale until I feel like I will be happy with what I see, but at least I can feel the bloat just gone from my face.

Ninety-six hours.”


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