2018 is here—and with its low temperatures, shorter days and seemingly never-ending holiday goodies, it can sometimes be challenging to make healthy choices that leave you feeling balanced and energized throughout the day. One of the best investments you can make in the New Year is in your health. Your body is the vehicle through which you can do and be your best self. We call this the Tru of You™.  

You may be one of those who is facing a high deductible. Or maybe you have been priced out of the healthcare insurance marketplace all together. Or perhaps you are living with a chronic disease and spending thousands of dollars on what I call symptom management—Band-Aids offered by our “sick-care” system in the form of prescriptions. It costs up to $1,370 annually to cover the average American’s drug prescriptions, and the financial cost of healthcare to a chronically-ill person is far more. Many of you have become discouraged with the time, money and effort you have expended on regaining your health with little to no clear and definitive results.

A comprehensive and bio-individual nutritional wellness program can help you find the best foods for your body—those that power you through the day, heal gut imbalances, strengthen the immune system and aid mental health and overall sense of well-being. We aim to (and for the majority of our clients do) graduate you with minimal visits because our unique methodology gets to the root of the root of health conditions. Many of our clients have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with other mainstream and alternative practitioners and have little to show for it.

That is why Teri Cochrane — Beyond Nutrition is an effective, money-saving solution. Within weeks or months, we can often rebalance your body and address your health concerns, swiftly and with sustained results. We also teach you to become your own body detectives, discerning when the body starts to become unbalanced and how to regain that balance quickly. Our approach empowers you to take control of your health and become and effective advocate for yourself and your family.

A recent transformation involved a client with an aggressive cancer and fibromyalgia—she was able to find relief from her chronic pain in one visit!  This is after months of heavy steroid use which proved to be ineffective. We see stories like this in our practice daily. The right foods and supplements are truly the Alpha and the Omega of your health solution. We invite both our existing and new clients to book an in person consultation with us this New Year, as a renewed focus on health can be transformational for us all.

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