Tomorrow will mark the holiest of holidays for the Christian community. I am of Christian faith. Easter is one of the most attended church services of the year. You may see everyone in their Sunday best. On their best behavior, all smiles, looking very polished, and earnest. My philosophy around this is we need to live each day in our “Sunday best”. Looks are deceptive, even cursory observed behavior may be misleading. We live and follow our faith by our daily acts. It is the daily work of being in service to God, of living a life of integrity, honestly, humbly, that makes us faithful. No matter what faith we follow, to me that is being faithful. That is living in our “Sunday best” So if that handsome someone looks the part, make sure they have not lied and stolen from family members, twisted truths, betrayed the trust of their loved ones and worst of all make it appear as if it were all ok~ Food for thought and prayer.

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