Every day it seems that our clients come back and previously unresolved conditions are now resolved. Below are some highlights of just another one of those days.

Our first client was a woman in her 40s who had been ill her entire adult life. She had idiopathic allergic reactions, extreme fatigue, swelling, and significant irritable bowel syndrome. She was extremely foggy headed and could not lose weight.  We determined she had significant fat and protein malabsorption, hypoglycemia, ligament laxity, and compromised immune and digestive systems. We discovered this was all rooted in her adrenals with an underlying Epstein Barr virus component. Within three visits, her symptoms resolved and she “graduated” from our program.

Our next client was a 50 year old woman who could not go through the day without taking multiple naps. She had ligament laxity and terrible joint pain accompanied with swelling. She had been sick for decades. We discerned that  she had Epstein Barr hidden in her thyroid as well as impairment in several biochemical pathways, including the sulfation, methylation and liver detox pathways. Within one visit, her symptoms resolved.

We also saw a 30 year old woman who had ulcerative colitis, Chron’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, inability to lose weight, even as a marathon runner, and infertility. She is a nurse   We found her symptoms were rooted in protein and fat malabsorption, an inability to process nightshades, impaired sulfation pathway, and undiscovered Epstein Barr. All her symptoms resolved within 30 days after one visit, she lost 10 pounds and she became pregnant.

A 71 year old woman with advanced ovarian cancer. She had protein and fat malabsorption, she had pathogens, she had leaky gut and impaired sulfation. On her return visit her cancer markers are now normal.

We are Body Interpreters.  We get to the root of the root of your health condition,  It doesn’t matter how long you have been sick or what your illness is, if we get to why it happened, we can figure out how to resolve it and get you back to the Tru of You.

Thank you for being patient with our multiple month waiting list. We are working hard to grow our practice.


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