I received this testimonial from one of my clients this week.  POTS is an autonomic nervous system disorder that is debilitating.

“Teri has been Erin’s provider of nutritional care since the Fall of 2012. At the time Erin was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)  as a Junior in High School. She was extremely sick. We started treatment and we moved Erin to a different diet as well as supplements. As time went by she  became stable  from POTS symptoms but we then discovered that she also had Lyme Disease. With the continued support of Teri’s care as well as her Lyme doctor Erin was able to graduate from High School and is now a Freshmen at Virginia Tech. We believe that the intervention of nutritional care along with her medical treatments made a tremendous difference in allowing her to complete school and graduate on-time. We are grateful for finding Teri and her practice.”

The Seabrooks”

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