Over the last several months we have seen many clients with multi-system, multi-symptom states of dis-ease, many of whom have flummoxed their previous doctors and practitioners. We have found, through our research and clinical practice findings, a very common virus, which has many different strains of varying intensity, to be the true culprit. The Epstein Barr Virus has become increasingly more common in the last century, and can lie in wait in your body for a weak moment; moving from organ system to organ system in hiding (1), never coming to a doctor’s awareness unless a specific blood test for it is ordered. We call it the puppet master, as it most commonly affects the thyroid (2), causing the body to exhibit Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, when really it is fighting a pathogenic infection. EBV has also been shown to affect the liver (3,4), lymphatic tissue (5), and even the body’s own cancer suppressing genes (6).

It can stay in your system for decades, worsening with age. In concert with other environmental stressors such as poor diet, emotional distress, and underlying genetic factors, it can make its presence felt with as little as a cold and as much as a full-blown autoimmune condition; which may end up being treated with other immunosupporessors, thus aggressively treating the body for the wrong condition and ultimately worsening one’s health. Truly, this is also a disease of the central nervous system (7), and as such it can inflame the whole body over time. We have seen it cause conditions like Adrenal dysfunction, endocrine disorder,  chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders such as PCOS, POTS, Hashimoto’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, liver dysfunction, digestive upset, neurological symptoms such as tingling, numbness and nerve pain or slow mental processing speeds, migraines, chronic pain like fibromyalgia, skin or hair disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, the contraction of excessive pathogenic infections related to candida yeast or mold, nutrient malabsorption, weight gain and loss as well as other symptoms. If you have experienced a number of the above conditions, and also have had exposure to mononucleosis, strep, or have had a positive lyme titer, it would be wise to test yourself for EBV. We have recently resolved symptoms for a client who was very ill for almost 9 years, and at the of their wits, visited over 12 doctors, became an NIH-experiment. Her EBV was undiagnosed, and once we began our custom and propritary treatment protocol, her body healed itself. We must trust the distress signals our bodies send us, and not let inconclusive blood work or the idea that we are simply over-worked or over-stressed and tired, despite feeling there is still something greater going on keep us from healing. Every day, our world grows more demanding, and so in such times it is even more important to listen to the inner voice that says we are not “OK”, even if others insist differently. The journey of healing is also the journey of self-empowerment, the path of reclaiming one’s voice. The first step on this path is to listen.



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  • Trish Sherwood
    August 27, 2020 9:59 pm

    Interested in your EBV treatment protocol

  • No mention that EBV is activated with exposure to 50Hz radiowaves, study can be found online for all…95% of the world population have EBV, both EBV and radiowaves were discovered in the 1880’s!!! The numbers of ALL the conditions caused by EBV or symptoms of are ALL rising in HUGE numbers over the past 3ish years as observed via many many global FB groups associated to conditions and symptoms… I will include tinnitus to the list of those above also!!! It seems to be worsening with the more new satellites that go up, so expect HUGE illnesses everywhere soon with musks 12,000+ going up!!!

  • Katie Beecher
    January 24, 2021 7:54 pm

    This article is so irresponsible. EBV doesn’t cause anything except mono. All of the studies show that it can make us more susceptible but I’ve never seen any that show causation.


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