E-mail, Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram, Texting, Snap Chat. All these technological tools help us stay connected with friends near and far and friends we may not have seen since high school. Those are all good things, but have we become too reliant on this 24/7 live stream, always accessible communication?  Yesterday morning my phone was misplaced while I was working out and I lost it for a few hours until someone turned it in. I have to admit, I freaked out a bit. How was I going to get by without communication from the club to my home? It now sounds ridiculous but that is how I felt. I admit that I have become too reliant on always being available for my clients, friends and family. This, however has taken a toll on my ability to just be. We all need down time for our brains to recover from all the stimulation. This was a great reminder that we should all have down time. Myself included. If I don’t get back to your email requests right away, you will know why.  Happy resting everyone!

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