Here’s another testimonial from one my clients I received this week. Amazing transformations continue…

I wanted to let you know about something that happened at today’s annual eye exam appointment.

At my last full eye exam in May 2013, a dry eye exam showed ‘abnormal’ test results–meaning that I was diagnosed with dry eye.

Today, the doctor’s office conducted another dry eye exam and the test results came out as ‘normal.’

The doctor asked what had I changed? Had I been taking fish oil supplements or perhaps omega 3 supplements twice daily? Maybe eye drops quite consistently?

I let her know that the only thing I had changed is that I met you in September 2013 and changed my eating patterns as a result, including going gluten free.

She noted that to go from abnormal to normal in just a year with no serious extra measures as she had asked me about was remarkable. She noted there had not been studies to conclusively prove things, but that she had noticed a general trend that her patients that went with a cleaner eating profile could see significant positive results as what we saw today at my appointment. As she noted, “the test results don’t lie.”

Anyway good news. I let her know that I would tell you about it.

All the best. And thank you again for helping me live more fully once again through better food choices for me.”

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