Can autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s Disease be reversed? Maybe so.

Below is a testimonial by one of my clients where her Hashimoto’s has all but been reversed in 8 months, after years of suffering – her story.

February 20, 2012 – Her first email to me

” I was referred to you by a dear friend, who sears by you and thinks you can help me too  I just turned 48, and had always been in good health until early 2009 when a myriad of health issues hit me all at once (hot flashes, chronic  constipation, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, joint pain, malaise……)  I have been to specialist after specialist, and have been on prescription after prescription.  I was diagnosed as post menopausal by my gynecologist about the same time I was diagnosed by my internist with Hashimoto’s disease, and soon thereafter by an orthopedic with osteoarthritis after dislocating a thumb while sweeping the floor!  I am currently under the care of an Endocrinologist who dutifully monitors my blood work every three months, and has me on 112 mcg of Synthroid daily.  As a result of the thyroid hormone, I have now been diagnosed with osteopenia and take large quantities of Vitamin D.  I rely on Ambien for a good night’s sleep.   Even though I feel much better than I did this time last year, I consistently have what I call “flare ups” where the general feeling of not being well hits me pretty hard for several days.

I am in the process of reading “Why do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal” by Dr. Datis Kharrazian.  I literally cried the other day while reading it, as it appears my symptoms are not atypical, and I was relieved that perhaps I may not being going crazy.  I am frustrated by the medical community as I’m shuttled back and forth to various physicians claiming my symptoms are the result of another doctor’s speciality.  I have been given various anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, bio identical hormones, sleeping pills, and I am now on the 2nd type of thyroid hormone.  I am at the point of “ENOUGH” (especially after my gynecologist recommended I see a psychiatrist)!  Please let me know if you think you might be able to help me”

November 11, 2012

“Attached is a copy of my most recent lab results from my Endocrinologist. His exact words were: “your blood work is spectacular, one of your anti-bodies is negative, the other significantly improved”. He further said he’d like to see me in 6 months to run a full panel again to determine a trend. If there is a trend, he would like to start weaning me off of my thyroid medication. In my opinion, these significantly improved results are scientific proof that good nutrition, natural supplements, combined with traditional medicine may be an answer to a chronic illness, similar to the autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s Disease) I was diagnosed with over 2 years ago. What a perfect time of year to receive these results, as this is the time of year to express thanks and gratitude. I can’t thank you enough Teri for helping me regain my health. I was so unwell for so long, and no one in the medical community could tell me why. After implementing your recommendations, I feel like myself again.

It was your compassion, guidance, and advice that has lead me into the direction of health and wellness. I am so thankful for meeting you, Teri Cochrane, and for you putting me on the healing path.”

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