Patterns can last days or months or decades. The breakfast you eat every day.  The way you feel when your mom addresses you in a certain way, even though you are 50.   The way you may have let your sense of self   be eroded in an unhealthy relationship through patterns of abusive behavior.   Even the headaches you inherited from your grandmother are ancestral patterns built into the bones of your DNA.

When every day looks the same, these patterns remain untouched and unchanged.

Breaking old patterns can be as easy as a random walk one afternoon, as complex as a set of rituals timed with the moon and the changing seasons or making a dramatic change in your life . One way to break patterns is to first acknowledge that they exist, then to take action to break this cyclical pattern which no longer serves your highest purpose. One way to start as we move into the shorter days is to notice the cycle of day and night  and the comings and goings of the moon. The seasons cycle, each bringing its own energy and calling us to tend to ourselves in different ways—cooling herbs in the summer months, warming in the winter, building foods as we transition between the two to provide extra nourishment through the stress of change.  Moving through unhealthy relationships may take deeper work and possibly professional help, but the first step is to recognize the need for change.

Each time we shift ourselves through these cycles, we break the patterns of the one before. Food for  thought and nourishment for the soul.

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